Here is our list of the Top 10 of America’s Most Haunted Houses, which are guaranteed to send a few shivers down your spine. Many of the never explained mysteries and the spooky paranormal activities surrounding these properties offer a distinctive sense of eeriness.

10. Copper Queen Hotel

The Copper Queen Hotel in Arizona is significantly famous for its three ghosts. Construction of the property began in 1898 before being completed in 1902. One of the ghosts in the hotel is of an old man. Visitors of the hotel claim that the man can be seen in the doorways and inside the rooms on the fourth floor. Another ghost is of a young woman named Julia. She sadly committed suicide within the hotel. The third is of a small boy who drowned in the San Pedro river. He known to be the most mischievous of all the three.



9.  House of Death

Located in New York, It’s been said that 22 people who passed away in this house reported that it was haunted. There are significant reports and evidence of the presence of a demon inside the property.

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8. The Croke Patterson Mansion

Located in Colorado the Croke Patterson Mansion is famous for being incredibly haunted. A man named Thomas Croke built the mansion back in 1892, before selling it just two years later as he was reportedly too scared of the strange and spooky happenings that went on.



7. The Old Slave House

The Old Slave House was created by a man named Mr. Hart Crenshaw back in 1842. It was claimed that Crenshaw would kidnap and torture his workers, many of which, died inside the property. In 1920, the house was opened to public who soon began to report the sounds of whisperings and painful groans coming from the loft of the home. A man named Mr. Hickman Whittington, who was a keen ghost hunter, was found dead in The Old Slave House.



6. The Stanley Hotel

Located in Colorado and famously known as The Shining Hotel. The hotel was built by a man named Oscar Stanley. An abundance of guests staying at the hotel have reported sightings of spiritual beings inside the property. An apparition of Stanley himself has also been reported.



5. The Villisca Axe Murder House

Back on the 10th of June, in 1912, eight family members of the Moore family were brutally killed inside the home. The identity of the murderer has never been discovered. Many researchers have discovered several series of evidence, such as photographs and even recordings, which support the idea that this house is certainly haunted.



4. Lizzie Borden House

The Lizzie Borden House is another famously haunted house in the US. The house carries an intriguing but deadly history. Back on August 4, 1892 Ms. Lizzie Borden had been reported to have murdered her stepmother Abby by using an axe before hacking her father Andrew Borden brutally to death. The house is now a museum, where visitors often report hearing weeping and crying sounds.



3. The George Stickney House

The George Stickney House can be found in the rural McHenry County, of Illinois. The house has had many witnesses reporting paranormal activity. The house has recently been listed as one of the county’s more historic sites. Locals can often hear unexplained noises of footsteps coming from inside the house. It’s said that the Stickney family was known to perform regular seances in the house to communicate with their dead offspring.



2. The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion is located at 3322 Demenil Place, in St. Louis. The mansion has been thought of as one of the creepiest properties in Missouri. The Missouri mansion is supposed to be haunted after a tragedy took place back in 1904, when a Mr. William Lemp had committed suicide. Lemp’s daughter known as Elsa, and his two sons William Jr. and Charles also met the same haunting fate.



1. The Hampton Lillibridge House

This house is located within Georgia and it’s said to be one of  the most scariest haunted houses in the local area of Georgia. The house was first built back in 1796. It’s said that, a depressed sailor committed suicide by hanging himself in one of the rooms. Later in 1963, it was then purchased by a man named Jim Williams who took it upon himself to personally recorded the supernatural activities and sounds in the house.




Haunted houses can prove to be popular tourist attractions, but do you believe in the paranormal?