Check out these Top 10 Totally Failed Record Attempts . You’ll be amazed at what some people to do in order to try and break a new record.

10 – Beer Glass Challenge

Record Attempt: Balance the most amount of glasses on the chin.

Furman currently holds the world record for the most (121) records held. This record attempt sadly came to a crashing end when Furman attempted to balance over 20 beer glasses upon his chin. However it resulted in a large clear up operation when he lost balance, and dropped all the glasses.



9 – Smurf Congregation in Croatia

Record Attempt: The largest amount of people dressed as The Smurfs in one place.

Sadly, this attempt left the Croatians Smurfs defeated after the 400 smurfs taking part were informed that they had been beaten recently and just recently a new record had been set by 451 smurfs. One of the smurfs participating in the Croatian attempt mentioned that he had researched on the web a few days before of the record number; what he didn’t realize was he discovered the previous record which was made years earlier.



8. Yuri Kudinov Vs The English Channel

Record Attempt: Swimming the English Channel (7 hours, 8 minutes & 42 seconds).

Yuri is best known for being a long distance swimming Champion for his home country of Russia. Yuri attempted to smash the record for swimming across the English Channel, along with his rival Petar Stoychev; but on the same day!. Sadly for Yuri, his challenger Petar quickly finished the challenge in 6 hours and 57 minutes, in which he became the World Record holder.



7 – Coconut Breaking

Record Attempt: Break a line of coconuts with only your hands.

After a gentleman who believed he was able to crush fruits to win a title lined up coconuts in an attempt to prove he is the greatest coconut breaker of all time. Sadly, he wasn’t. He was unable to break a single coconut, in front of a huge crowd and live on TV. That must of been an ego breaker.



6 – Biggest Bubble

Record Attempt: Largest bubble with the most people inside.

This poor man desperately wanted to break this record. All he needed was some live coverage from a news network and record breaking officials on hand. Sadly, he was greeted by a local news reporter named David Nazar (who is notoriously known for hindering other events such as breaking a large ice sculpture during live TV), who accidentally ruined the bubble machine before the attempt could take place. Well it’s safe to say that record was never popped!



5 – Largest Ice Pop

Record Attempt: Create the worlds largest Ice Pop.

Snapple, a large well known drinks and ice lolly company, decided to create an amazing PR stunt. They attempted to break the record for the largest ice pop. Sadly, the weather was incredibly hotter than expected and as the truck began to unload the gigantic ice pop, crowds of people were greeted by a large wave of strawberry & kiwi juice. Unfortunately Snapple didn’t break the record. However they probably needed a record number of hands to clean up the sticky mess!



4 – Largest Domino Fall

Record Attempt: Lineup over 4 million dominoes and allow them to fall in sequence.

A very patient group who were responsible for this attempt is a Dutch Convention Center. During the attempt a bird flew in knocked over approximately 23,000 of the already stacked dominoes. However the Dutch group began their own challenge in an attempt to prevent any further mishaps by shooting down the bird. Upon realizing the groups mistake of killing a very rare species of sparrow, local animal activists quickly assembled and attempted to halt the record attempt. Even though activists hearts were broken, the domino record wasn’t.



3 – Most Nude Snorkelers

Record Attempt: Most naked snorkelers.

This attempt was originally designed to raise awareness of the Great Barrier Reef. Sady only 23 participants decided to brave the recording breaking ocean dip. Regardless of this, the organizers hadn’t realized they had to register with the Guinness World Records before attempting the record attempt. Even though 23 nude snorkelers still entered the waters, it was just a shame there was no official to adjudicate the attempt.



2 – Most Bra Linked Together

Record Attempt: Create the worlds largest bra link.

As bras were being removed from their boxes in preparation for the attempt, they had all become tangled up in transportation. Due to official time restraints, it meant that participants simply didn’t have enough time to attempt the record. The whole event was later called off. You’d of thought they would of received more support!



1 – Largest Book Signing Event

Record Attempt: Largest turn out to a book signing event.

The current book signing record was set when Mr Anatoly Karpov harboured a record breaking 1,951 people back in early 2006. Though Katie Price (pictured below) didn’t tell officials exactly how many people turned up to her attempted record breaking event, but she was reportedly still happy with the turnout of the crowds. Especially as this ridiculous PR stunt allowed her to hit the number 1 spot in the book charts.