Technology has changed a lot over the years and while technology has greatly improved there are still some gadgets that we miss today. We can still play with some of these gadgets but they are not the same as they use to be when they were released. In fact, some of these are even more expensive than they were years ago. If you look at online auctions and at local antique stores you might be able to still find most of these items on sale today.

Check out these 10 Famous Retro Tech Gadgets

10. 1948 Instant Polaroid Camera
In 1948 the buzz around that time was the instant Polaroid camera. This was one of the earliest cameras available for instant film. Back in those days the instant Polaroid camera in 1948 was around $90 but if you want to pay for it today, you are looking at possibly paying around $880 for it. There are now lots of instant cameras available but these days, most people end up just using their cell phone as a camera when they want something instantly.


9. The Epson MX-80 Dot Matrix printer
Back in the 1970’s the Epson MX-80 dot matrix printer was amazing and very popular for its time. The print head on this retro printer moved back and forth but that’s not all. It also could move either up or down. In the 1970’s and also in the 1980’s people considered the dot matrix printers to be the best printers on the market. They were versatile and the Epson MX-90 was literally a model that was groundbreaking and helped to bring in a new era of printers.


8. The Telegraph
The telegraph was extremely popular and being the precursor of its day to fax and telex machines. It was used for a variety of reasons all the way from being used in the military and used to help with shipping. The telegraph wasn’t something that everyone could just use. It required an operator who was skilled and had training so they could properly transmit and then also receive its messages.


7. Calculator Watches
In the 1980s calculator watches happened to very popular. They were first introduced in the 70’s but really took off in the 80’s. The Casio Databank series was the one most noted for its watch calculator but also, Timex had a popular calculator watch. These days, we just pull out our smart phones or either a tablet and use the calculator on it instead of looking at a watch. However, there are some people who still love them and prefer using the calculator on the watch instead of a phone.


6. Typewriters
A lot of writers actually still use typewriters to this day instead of using the computer. Some writers even swear by typewriters that it’s what made them successful. Other writers have just moved on and adjusted to using the computer. Typewriters helped to change things for not only writers but for companies and for many people around the world. Back then some typewriters were extremely expensive but these days, if you’re still into them you can find them at a good price.


5. Vinyl Records
In the 20th century if you wanted to hear music then you would play a vinyl record. To this day, some people say that the sound quality of vinyl records is better then what you would get on a CD Player or on mp3 players. Over the years, they perfected vinyl records to where they were affordable. Some radio stations and DJ’s still use them. You’re more than likely able to get a lot of good vinyl records on sale cheap at yard sales.


4. Reel To Reel Tape Recorders
The reel to reel tape recorders happened to be one of the earliest ways to record tapes. This tape recorder at first did not have a name with it because it just used only magnetic tape. Later on a name was developed for it. Reel to reel tape was used in a variety of tape drives later on in VTRs and for data storage on the mainframe of a computer plus analog audio recorders of high quality also used them.


3. Phonograph
In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Later on, the gramophone replaced it and people considered it not as bulky as the phonograph. This was groundbreaking technology and was the very first gadget that could reproduce the sound being recorded. In the 1880’s Alexander Graham made a lot of improvements on it and it continued to change and improve over the decades.


2. Boom Boxes
In the 1970’s boom boxes became extremely popular and they are associated a lot with break dancing and hip hop. It was the all in one music device of its time. When boom boxes were introduced originally they required a lot of batteries and many people thought they were too heavy. Often times, they had to be put down in just one place because they were not portable due to the heaviness of them. Boom boxes have changed a lot over the years and now, you can easily move them around from room to room.


1. Nintendo Game Boy
The Nintendo Game Boy was ground breaking for the gaming world. These days, people claim that the iPhone affects our posture but I think that they forget about the Nintendo Game Boy. Gamers would spend hours playing the Game Boy and looking down. The screen was tiny and pixilated but regardless, playing Mario, Pokemon or Tetris on it was a great deal of fun. Gamers really loved it when they turned it into color and made it even more addicting.


Other popular retro tech gadgets include analog telephones, PDA’s, portable televisions and even walkmans. I am sure that in time, the iPhone that we all love today could end up becoming a retro tech gadget that we end up missing. You never know what the future holds in regards to technology because it’s always changing and getting better and better.