I don’t know about you but I love honey and for many reasons. Honey is also loved by Winnie The Pooh. It’s sweet and taste great on your bread or even as a sweetener in your tea. Sometimes I even like to drizzle honey on my waffles or pancakes. Many people around the globe enjoy honey but what you might not know is that honey also has many other benefits besides just tasting great.

Check out these 10 Healthy Benefits of Honey

10. Honey helps to lessen inflammation and heals wounds
Recent studies show that honey has helped to reduce the pain that you might have with cardiovascular diseases or atherosclerosis. When you’re not feeling good and in pain or just sore then have some honey. Honey not only helps to lessen inflammation naturally it can help with treating a lot of wounds. The reason why is because honey can kill the bacteria off that’s in the wounds and help to heal it.



9. Controls blood sugar naturally
Honey is a great way to help with controlling blood sugar naturally. Starchy carbohydrates and all types of sugar can cause your blood sugar levels to get out of balance and it become very difficult to maintain them. Honey does have calories in it, studies show that having just a small amount of some honey can help people who are diabetic.



8. Honey contains healthy ingredients that helps to improve your health
Honey has a variety of ingredients that can help with improving your health in many ways. Some of the ingredients honey has include iron, niacin, a lot of minerals, copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and a lot of vitamins. Having these ingredients weekly or daily can really help with your immune system and help your body overall in a variety of ways.



7. Honey treats acne naturally
People of all ages have problems with acne. In order to overcome acne they try to use a lot of over the counter medications for it or even prescriptions but still might not see any results from it. Honey helps to treat acne naturally. All that you need to do is just dab a very thin small layer of honey and just leave it on your face for around 15 minutes. You can also mix the honey with tea tree oil, cinnamon, aloe vera, yogurt, apple pulp or lemon juice and create a natural cleansing organic face mask to treat acne. However, if you just need some treatment done on a few spots, just put some honey on it and let it set for 30 minutes and cover it with a bandage.

Acne facial care teenager woman squeezing pimple


6. Helps to condition your hair
Honey is a great way to condition your hair. The reason why is because it can work as a natural moisturizer and at the same time, it helps to strengthen your hair. Honey can even help with adding a natural shine to your hair. All you need to simply do is just add in a tablespoon of honey, put in either plain water or shampoo and mix them together then apply the mixture to your, let it set for around 20 minutes then afterwards, rinse your hair. This can also be repeated weekly.



5. Honey helps you to sleep better
If you need to sleep better at night then try having some raw honey. Raw honey can make you tired because of the small amount of glucose that is in it which helps the body to sleep. In order for it to really make a difference try dissolving honey in either warm milk or decaf tea. If you don’t have neither of those then you can just lick the honey from the spoon and it should still help you accordingly.



4. Honey kills bacteria
In some clinical studies they used grade honey and found that it can kill off bacteria that might be resistant. Some of the bacteria honey can kill off includes E.coli and even salmonella. Due to the fact that it can help with killing off bacteria, honey can help to kill off MRSA and MSSA. Some believe that honey for these types of infections might even better than some of the antibiotics made to treat them but between using honey and the antibiotics, some patients improve and recover.



3. Honey can boost your memory
Recent studies show that honey can help with boosting your memory. A group of women around the menopausal age each got assigned to taking 20 grams of honey per day. Other women in the group took hormone replacement therapy which contained estrogen in it plus progesterone. The ones that decided to take the honey was able to recall at least one extra word that was from a list of 15 words in a short term memory test. This was a very small test done but the fact that honey can help to improve your memory even just slightly is amazing.



2. Honey can give you energy naturally
Honey can help you to sleep better at night but at the same time, honey can boost your energy naturally. Honey does have some carbohydrates in it and that can help towards giving your body the energy that it needs naturally. Honey has glucose and fructose in it plus amino acids and other proteins which helps with giving your body a boost. In order to help with even providing your body more of a energy boost, mix in a teaspoon of honey with some green tea in the morning.



1. Honey helps to naturally fight off the cold or flu
Honey can greatly help with fighting off the cold or the flu plus it even helps with fighting off allergies and sinus problems. Drink hot tea and mix it with honey or either have hot water and mix it with some lemon then add in some honey. You’ll find that this amazing mix will help you to feel much better and it also doesn’t even cost as much as some of the cold or flu medications cost and it’s even more effective than some of them.



Always have a jar of honey around. You never know when honey might come in handy. A peanut butter and honey sandwich sounds good right about now. Doesn’t it?