If you’re planning on traveling and need your clothes to be wrinkle free you’ll quickly discover that sometimes that can be difficult to accomplish. However, if you plan ahead of time and come up with a plan to prevent wrinkles then you might be able to successfully accomplish the task. Sure, most hotels have it to where you can iron out your wrinkles but what if you don’t have the time to do it? Maybe you might find yourself running behind and unable to iron your clothes out and that’s another reason as to why planning ahead of time is vital so your clothes can be wrinkle free when traveling and you can put them on and run out the door with no worries.

10 Ways to Stop Clothes From Wrinkling When Traveling

10. Hang your clothes as soon as you arrive
When you arrive at your destination don’t delay taking your clothes out of your bag and hanging them. Delaying this process will cause wrinkles that could have been prevented. Hanging them up is easier to do if you’re in a hurry and might not have time to fold them in such a way to prevent wrinkles. Clothes in bags become squished and the longer they are left there, more wrinkles will occur.



9. Hang your clothes near the shower before you leave and when you get there
Did you know that if you hang your clothes near a hot shower the steam will help to prevent wrinkles? If you plan to do it this way the water needs to be extremely hot so that the steam is properly released to your clothes. Long showers can also help with this process or either taking a couple of quick showers. You can also hang your shirts on the showers iron rod, make sure to turn it in a way to where the shower head won’t touch your clothes and then put on heat full blast for several minutes. If you do it this method you can leave it running for around 15 minutes.



8. Roll your clothes when you pack them
If you roll your clothes when you pack them then it can help to minimize the wrinkles. The reason why is because it keeps everything hard and makes it to where creases are not formed. You have to be very careful if you decide to do it this way and know how to roll them correctly because if you don’t then it can cause creases to form in the middle of your shirt. If you’ve never rolled your clothes before ask for help to make sure that they don’t get wrinkled.



7. Use tissue paper when folding
One simple trick that’s easy to do is when you are folding your slacks or either your shirts all you need to do is simply put pieces of tissue paper in the middle of your clothes or either plastic bags to help with reducing wrinkles in your clothes. One warning though is that while this can help to reduce the clothes, they still might end up getting slightly wrinkled but not as bad as they would have been if you didn’t put anything in between them.



6. Pack in wrinkle resistant fabrics
A lot of synthetic fabrics happen to be resistant to wrinkles. Some of the most popular wrinkle resistant fabrics include nylon, lycra, polyester and knits. These fabrics also tend to be quick drying and easier to travel with then other fabrics which might not be resistant to wrinkles. If you don’t have time to iron your clothes out then plan ahead of time with clothes that might be wrinkle resistant so you don’t have to worry about it.



5. Bundle wrap your clothes
In the middle of your bag, create a pouch of clothes that’s wrinkle resistant such as socks and swimsuits. Wrap the rest of your clothes around those items or roll your clothes around those items to reduce wrinkles. The reason why this trick works is because it can help to keep our clothes taut while the folds on the clothes are reduced, which also reduces the creases on your clothes. This also generally tends to work better on bags that are big and not the small ones.



4. Square fold your clothes
When you have to pack in sweaters or other non T tops then square fold them. Lay your shirts facing down on your bed and then carefully square fold them. Before you square fold them be sure that all of your clothes are buttoned. Smooth any of the wrinkles that might be there. Fold the clothes in where the arms lay flat down the body so that way an overlap of two inches is created on the clothes. Overlap the third layer and once that’s done you’ll clothes should be nice and neat.



3. Use mesh laundry bags made out of nylon
In order to prevent wrinkles on your lingerie buy cheap mesh laundry bags. Specially, the ones made from nylon. Put any delicate clothes that you might have in their which even includes your socks. Be sure that you have your socks rolled up neatly. Make sure the bag is see thru so that way if your bag is inspected at the air port they can just look in quickly and see that it’s your underwear.



2. Avoid jamming clothes into your suitcase
I know that jamming your clothes into your suitcase might be difficult to avoid but if you want to prevent and reduce wrinkles in your clothes when traveling then you might want to think about reducing the load. Maybe buy another suitcase if possible or either use a couple of bags instead of forcing everything into one bag. If you have to do this then know that your clothes might wrinkle and try to roll them up or square fold your clothes to help reduce the wrinkles.



1. Use plastic when packing
Plastic helps because it reduces friction. When you have friction then wrinkles can form from it. Use plastic dry cleaner bags if possible. Put any dirty items in plastic bags and even put shampoo bottles in plastic bags. The more plastic that you have in your bag the less chance you have of your clothes getting wrinkled. People have been using plastic when their packing for a very long time now because of it helping to prevent their clothes from wrinkling.



If your clothes do become wrinkled despite you trying to prevent it and you don’t have time to iron them then just toss them in the dryer for a few minutes and that will take the wrinkles out of them fast.