I am sure that we’ve all told little white lies. Sadly, everyone tells each other lies and those white lies end up being red lies. Why do people lie so much? Often times it’s too help out with a current social situation that is happening, other times it might just make them feel more comfortable with their current life. Most lies can be harmless but other times there are lies that can hurt and can cause extreme pain. This is why telling the truth and being honest is always the best thing to do depending on the situation.

Check out these 10 Things People Lie About Regularly

10. Its good seeing you here
Do you ever find yourself groaning when a person walks in the room because you didn’t want to see them there? Inside you find yourself saying “please leave” but you end up shaking their hand and saying its good seeing you here. You do this in order to be polite and not to cause drama or problems. However, you’re really glad when they finally leave or either whenever you finally leave so you don’t have to stay in the same room with them.

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9. I have so many things to do right now and can’t talk
I must admit that I’ve been guilty with this one. Someone calls you up in the middle of your favorite TV episode and you don’t want to talk with them. You end up telling them that you’ve got so many things going on right now and just can’t talk with them. After you can up, you pop some popcorn and watch TV. Maybe it’s not TV you want to watch. Maybe you just want to read a good book or spend some time to yourself. However, it’s still a little white lie that you told that at the time; you probably didn’t see it was a white lie.



8. Yes, I remember you….
You shake hands with the person. Smile. They go on to tell you memories about the two of you together. You tell them, yes I remember you…but you really don’t. This tends to happen a lot at family reunions or class reunions. You might even find yourself trying to lie about the memories they are telling you about and go on with it. Later you find yourself still trying to remember them.

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7. I did not do it aka It wasn’t me!
I think that we learn the phrase “it wasn’t me” from a young age. It reminds me of the Shaggy song “It wasn’t me”. Who took the last cookie? “It wasn’t me!” Who did not replace the toilet paper in the bathroom? “It wasn’t me!” Who tracked mud into the room? “It wasn’t me!” But come on, we both know it was you…

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6. I’m listening to every word you’re saying
Have you ever been in the middle of talking when someone starts to ask if you’re listening to them? You find yourself saying yes…I’m listening when you’re really not. I can even remember doing this one at school when the teacher would ask if I was listening to her and I would say yes, when really I wasn’t. I’m almost certain that we’ve all done this one at least once in our life time. What about when you’re at church and you know you’re thinking about three million other things instead of listening to the pastor.



5. My phone battery is running low
Here’s one of the most famous white lies as of late. It’s a great way to get out of a conversation when you’re tired of talking with someone. All you have to say is you’re phone battery is running low. It’s a polite way to get out of it instead of saying you’ve got to go. Still, it’s a white lie. Your battery life on your phone is just fine but how would they know?



4. Everything makes sense to me
Have you ever been stuck in a conversation to where nothing makes sense to you? You find yourself trying to understand everything but then get tired of trying to figure things out. You finally end up telling them that everything makes sense. You’re hoping that with you saying that they stop talking about it. If they don’t, you might want to just change the subject to something that does make sense.



3. I’m running late for a meeting
In order to get out of something you might tell the other person you’re running late for a meeting. Other people might just say that they’ve got to go. There’s no meeting about to take place and you don’t have any other plans, you just want to get away. Sometimes this white lie works out great if you’ve bumped into someone at the store and you don’t want to talk with them.



2. That was so funny
You’re trying hard to laugh at something to make the other person feel good. After all, to them it was so funny so it must be so funny to you as well, right? Inside you might even be kind of groaning because it was just the opposite of funny but you don’t want to tell them. You’re a good person despite the white lie.



1. I feel great
Ah, one of the biggest lies of all and what almost everyone is guilty of saying. “I feel great and life is wonderful” when really, you feel terrible and life is horrible. However, you just don’t want anyone to know about it. You don’t feel like having to explain yourself for many reasons. Well, what can I say? I’ve also said this white lie before.

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Other white lies include saying you’re stuffed when you really just don’t like the food or what about, you look wonderful today when really they don’t? See, we all say white lies and at the time we say them, we just don’t really see them as a white lie.