Smart people always think that they will remain smart but that’s not always the case. There are activities that you can do daily that might make you dumb. You might think that these activities are cool but they are actually hurting you. Sometimes it’s not even activities that we do but our life style and habits that could be hurting us. It’s time to review what you’re doing and see if what you’re doing is making you dumb or smart. If you’re doing any of these daily or weekly then you might want to come up with some new things to do.

Check out these 10 Things That Might Be Making Us Dumber

10. Hang out with negative people
Hanging out with negative people can be draining. It can make you exhausted. You might find yourself not even wanting to get out of bed. They might be saying all of the time that life is not fair but yet they do not want to change. Sometimes you just need to break free from the negative people and find some people who will make you a better person and encourage you in life rather then bring you down with them.


9. Multi-tasking breaks our concentration
I am terrible at doing multi-tasking. I can be texting a friend and responding to emails at the same time. However, multi-tasking can cause problems with being able to fully concentrate properly. You might find yourself making mistakes or either not completing one job. Try to start focusing on just one job at a time or downgrade how many things you’re doing at once so this way you can concentrate better.

Frustrated office work at his desk

8. Thinking about money problems often
Thinking about your money problems or situation is tiring. It can drain you and cause you to not think properly about anything else. On top of that, you will find that you might not even have fun doing other activities from always worrying about money. Talk with someone professional who can help you with your money issues or either review your money problems. Each week figure out how you’re going to spend your money then stick with those plans. Afterwards, let go and try to enjoy your week. Always talking about your money problems can also cause other people to back away from you.


7. Eating a lot of sugar
Having too much sugar can cause problems with your memory, health and even make you have a low self-esteem. It can also make you tired and cranky. Sugar can sometimes even be the cause of acne problems. Cut down on sugar in your life. Look at your diet and see what foods might be making you possibly sluggish throughout the day. Eat healthy and you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel and plus you’ll be able to concentrate on things better.


6. Being in a room crammed for people can cause problems with decision making
If you work in a office that’s crammed with a bunch of people then it could be interfering with your decision making. The Berkeley Lab did some studies on this and the studies showed that workers who were in offices and crammed next to each other that their CO2 is very high from it and that it causes problems with being able to think strategically. Opening up some windows or spreading out can prevent CO2 from being spread in small places.


5. Eating a lot of junk food
Eating sugar is bad for you but so is eating junk food in general. When I say eating junk food, I don’t mean just M&M’s or chocolate. What I’m talking about is eating food items which might be saturated with fat such as French Fries or eating food from a fast food joint. Sure, it’s a quick way to get some food in your system but often times they are saturated with fat and can cause health issues.


4. Looking at Twitter or Facebook all day
The Journal Media Psychology recently did a study and it showed when you look at Twitter or Facebook all day that it might decrease your motivation to actually perform very well. Not only that, you might find yourself becoming lazy and just not getting anything done. Limit how much time you spend on Facebook and Twitter to prevent this from happening.

woman looking at Facebook in office

3. Not sleeping enough
When you don’t get enough sleep it can cause problems with being able to think properly. Your cognitive performance might decline plus your mood might change. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep. If you have a hard time going to sleep look into natural sleep remedies or drink sleepy tea in order to help you with falling asleep.


2. Watching reality TV instead of the history channel
Recent studies show that only watching reality TV shows might make you dumber. This is not saying all of them are bad or watching some of them isn’t alright but keep this in mind – what you watch influences your emotions and it can also influence your behavior. Instead of watching reality TV shows often, mix it up and watch some of the history channel.


1. Not saying no often enough
When you feel overwhelmed in life and have things going on, don’t say yes to something just to make the other person feel better. You might just need to stand up and say no that you can’t do it. Saying yes so much can not only drain you but it can cause for your moods to change often. Your friends might not like it if you say no but they will get over it. If they don’t, then you might consider new friends.


If you find yourself saying “hey, I do that” on any of the things mentioned above, just review your goals and see what you can do in order to change them. You will be surprised at how small changes can help with improving your IQ and with making you smarter instead of dumb.