These worlds of fantasy have been seen in movies, bookies and even in video games. They help us to escape into a world we create from our dreams. You can easily get out of situations in these worlds and do many things that you cannot do in real life…or can you? Some of these fantasy worlds you’ve heard of before but some of them might be new to you.

Check out these 10 Awesome Fantasy Worlds

10. Oz from the Wizard of Oz
I am sure as soon as you thought of Oz you right away started singing “Follow the yellow brick road.” Brings back lots of memories doesn’t it? Oz is a land that’s totally magical. I must say that one of my favorite characters in The Wizard of Oz is the Scarecrow. All he needed was a brain and I can relate to that because many days I feel the same way!


9. Atlantis
Now Atlantis is a city that many of us have dreamed about and it’s a city that many have known about for generations. What’s still amazing about Atlantis is that the origins still remain where many origins from other legends have faded out in time or have been lost. One of the first appearances of Atlantis was back in 330 B.C in Plato’s dialogues. After that there’s been a lot of speculation and questions about Atlantis. Some have even attempted to try and find it without much success.


8. The Forgotten Realms
If you’re not into role playing then you might not be familiar with this fantasy world. The Forgotten Realms was designed by Ed Greenwood in 1967. He first created the world with telling his childhood stories and then later those stories turned into a fantasy role playing game. In this world you’ll find that there are dangerous creatures and even deities that walk in the land freely.


7. Hyrule
Hyrule is a kingdom that’s mythical and in a lot of games in the series of the Legend of Zelda. Hyrule was created by 3 Goddesses. The geography includes the Great Sea, Death Mountain, The Lost Woods, Temple of Time, Hyrule Castle and Ganon’s Castle. Some of the creatures in this mythical kingdom include Armos, Bubbles, Bari, Floormasters, Gibdos, Poes, Octoroks and Stalchild.


6. Narnia
I loved the Chronicles of Narnia. It’s a magical kingdom in children’s literature and considered a classic. It’s also considered to be C.S Lewis’s best work with over 100 million copies being sold. Narnia had talking animals in it, mythical beasts and much more. The children in the book were transported to Narnia magically. The lion Aslan helped to protect them and Narnia from all of the evil in their kingdom.


5. Wonderland
I loved reading about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and still do. The novel was written back in 1865 and it’s still loved today by many people. Alice was able to go in Wonderland by falling down a rabbit hole. Some of the characters in this book include The Cheshire Cat, The Hatter, The Duck, Bill the Lizard, The White Rabbit, The Duchess and The Mouse.


4. Neverland
Neverland is the home to Peter Pan and his lost boys. Neverland has pirates, mermaids and fairies. It helps you to escape and the music in Peter Pan is great. I love the animated version of Peter Pan the best but the one with Robin Williams is also good. However, if you’ve never read the book of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie then I recommend it. You’ll discover that Neverland was actually darker then what it is in the movies.


3. The world of Star Trek
Star Trek has had fans for a long time and its world takes place in space. A lot of games and comics have been published ever since Star Trek was on TV. There has been a lot of parodies of Star Trek such as Galaxy Quest. The animated TV series Futurama and the Simpsons have had many episodes that parody Star Trek. Over the years Star Trek was also awarded many awards and honor awards.


2. Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park is a place where dinosaurs roam freely. It’s a movie collection made with 5 movies. The newest Jurassic Park film will be released in 2015. All of the dinosaurs in this world have been cloned. There’s also a 3-d version of Jurassic Park available. The Jurassic Park film that will be released in 2015 will also be available in 3-D.

Jurassic Park III

1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
I think that this is one of my favorite magical worlds out there. I love Harry Potter and have watched the Harry Potter films many times. I wouldn’t even mind if they made another series of him in college or something. I loved all of the magic in it and the characters in the Harry Potter series were always fascinating. Hermione was also one of my other favorite characters in the Harry Potter series. The books of course go into more details then the movies but the movies just makes the books seem more real.


Other favorite fantasy worlds includes Middle Earth, Star Wars, Pern, Avatar, Labyrinth, Krynn, Springfield, RIngworld, The Halo Ring, River World, Xanth, Earthsea, Lost in Space, Terra Nova, The Kingdom of Wisdom and City 17. It just goes to show that whenever you’re playing a video game, reading a book or watching a movie you never know when you might actually fall in love with a brand new magical land.