St. Patrick’s day is a holiday that’s mainly celebrated in the Irish communities but it’s also celebrated in the USA. Trying to gain the luck of the Irish might sound very easy but it’s not. There are some bad omens you might accidentally use this day that would void the lucky charms that you might have.

Check out these 10 St. Patrick’s Day Superstitions

10. Never give someone a knife on this day
If there’s a party coming up or you know a knife collector, do not give them a knife on St. Patrick’s day. Superstition has it that if you gift someone a knife on this day that the friendship will be severed. In fact, you should not even hand anyone a knife. This means that you’ll be cutting up the corned beef by yourself. The reason why is because it will just bring bad luck between the two of you. If you want someone to use a knife, put it on a table so they can actually pick it up themselves instead of you handing it to them.


9. You must find a horseshoe spontaneously
Buying yourself a horseshoe on St.Patrick’s day is something that you should not do. You also should not gift a person a horseshoe. You have to come across them spontaneously. If you buy it for yourself or for someone else it might bring back luck to you or to the other person. If you find one on St.Patrick’s day then you know that you’re a really lucky person.

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8. Don’t give a lock of hair to someone you love on St.Patrick’s Day
There are two things that you don’t do. You do not give a lock of hair to someone you love and you do not accept their lock of hair on St. Patrick’s Day. Superstition has it that this will cause the relationship to end or that the other person won’t love you anymore. Wait until after St.Patrick’s Day to have your haircut or either make sure that you get it done by someone who is just a friend and not a lover.


7. If someone is going fishing don’t ask where they are going
Many fishermen will never tell you exactly where they are going to fish and more so on St.Patrick’s Day. If they do end up telling you where they are going to fish then they could end up changing their course. Most of them know that telling you where they are fishing might cause bad luck. Another interesting thing to note is that a lot of fishermen happen to be superstitious, so just don’t ask where they are going if they are fishing this day.

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6. Avoid dropping the dishtowel
If you’ve got to clean in the kitchen on this day ten avoid dropping the dishtowel. When you drop a dishtowel then it might not only be bad luck but you might get a visitor that’s unexpected. This visitor might bring the bad luck with them. So, be careful when you’re cleaning the kitchen. You’ve got to remember two things now. Don’t give someone your knife and don’t drop the dishtowel.


5. Walk four steps with a funeral party
On St.Patrick’s Day if you see a funeral party then in order to avoid back luck coming to you what you must do is take at least 4 steps so that way bad luck won’t come to you. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know who is in the coffin. You still need to walk those 4 steps because you never know as to what kind of bad luck might come to you if you don’t.


4. Getting your shirt wet when washing dishes means…
That you might end up marrying someone who drinks! What I find crazy about this one is that it’s extremely hard to avoid getting your shirt wet. Does that mean those who don’t get their shirts wet happen to just be very lucky? Maybe. I think that maybe we should just avoid being in the kitchen all together on this day? Maybe just keep it like this until after St. Patrick’s day…


3. If a cuckoo appears on your left that might be a sign of bad luck
If out of no were a cuckoo appears to you on St.Patrick’s Day check to see what side it’s on. If it’s on your left side then that means bad luck is coming your way. However, there is a glimmer of hope. If the cuckoo appears on your right then that means you’ll be having good luck for the entire year. When was the last time a cuckoo appeared suddenly? Imagine if it happened to appear suddenly on St.Patrick’s Day how lucky you’ll feel and more so if it was on your right side.


2. If you find a four leaf clover keep it to yourself
Finding a four leaf clover can be very difficult to do and more so on St.Patrick’s Day. You might get all excited and want to gift it to someone but don’t make that mistake. Keep the clover because that is your good luck. Gifting it to someone else might make you or them have bad luck. Sure, you can show off your clover but just be sure that you keep your clover to yourself.


1. Don’t forget to wear green!
Not wearing green is a very bad idea on St. Patrick’s Day. If you don’t wear green then someone might pinch you for it. Green is a color of luck. This is a superstition and tradition that the Irish have been doing for a very long time. There’s actually no reason as to why people do this except just to add in some fun on St.Patrick’s day.


There are several other superstitions but just remember, that’s all these are – superstitions. Just try to enjoy St.Patrick’s Day and not get too caught up in them. However, I do recommend that you wear green if you’re going to a party to avoid being pinched by your friends!