There are days when you just don’t want to go into work. Missing a day of work might be the best thing for you to do but you’ve got to have a justification in order to take the day off. Sometimes a sick day is just needed but what do you tell your boss in order to help your boss believe that you are sick? Often times people use health related issues but just remember that those can backfire on you sometimes.

Here are the 10 Crazy Excuses Used To Get Out Of Working

10. You’re having bathroom problems
You’re stuck on the toilet and keep on having to use it every few minutes. We’ve all been there and done that, even your boss. This might be one excuse your boss might have sympathy with but then again, might not. Your boss could just end up telling you to take a Tums and come right on into work anyway.

9. Your child is sick
I am sure that bosses hear this one all of the time. You’re not sick but what if your kid is sick and no one is there to watch your kid but you? Blaming someone else for not going into work might be the easiest thing to do. However, this one might also backfire on you. If you do it too many times your boss might become aggravated and let you go. Be careful when trying to blame your kids so you can get out of work.Maybe this one isn’t completely crazy but it can get crazy if it backfires on you.


8. Car trouble can’t make it
Here’s another popular excuse. Your car won’t start or you’re having some sort of car trouble and can’t make it. If you phone in with this excuse be ready because your boss might send someone over to get you. Another thing that your boss could do is end up paying for a taxi to come and pick you up. It could work but just be ready in case it doesn’t.


7. My hiccups won’t go away!
Call your boss when you have the hiccups. How can you help to answer the phone or talk with people if your hiccups won’t go away? Your boss might laugh at you when you call in with this excuse and it might amuse others at your job. But go ahead and try it. If you do try it, let us know what happens! One word of caution is if you start trying to pretend you have the hiccups you might get them for real.


6. The love of my life just broke up with me
This one could actually work for you. However, if you did not just break up and it does get back to your love life then it could cause problems. No one at work wants you to come in crying and depressed. If this did really just happen then have some soup and take the day off. Bounce back quick though because people at work won’t be impressed if you show up depressed every day.


5. I just noticed gray hair is appearing
Imagine calling this one in. Boss, I have to take the day off because I just noticed that gray hair is appearing for the first time. I must go and get my hair highlighted or colored right away because of it. Here’s another excuse that you might want to be careful with because your boss might just tell you to get your hair colored during your lunch break or might tell you to do it when you get off work.


4. The basement has flooded
Hopefully you’re just using this as an excuse and it didn’t really happen! Having the basement flooded is no fun. If you’re just using it as an excuse then there is a chance your boss might go with it but your boss might also tell you too call for professional work and come into work anyways. Another thing to think about is what caused the basement to be flooded? Be ready to answer questions.


3. I have exams that I need to do
If you’re in college then this might be a very easy excuse for you to do. Maybe it’s not extremely crazy but if you use it enough then your boss might reconsider you working there. If it’s Friday night and you try to use this excuse then it might not go over very well but this excuse could work on Monday’s or any other day but Friday.


2. Last night I dreamed that I died when I was working
If you know for a fact that your boss is superstitious then this excuse might just work. However, if your boss is not superstitious then your boss might just end up laughing at your excuse and tell you to come in anyway. Be careful when using this excuse though because you know what they say about karma….and if you didn’t really dream out.


1. A zombie might have bitten me
Zombies are known for being thirsty for brains and blood. I am sure that if you decide to use this excuse that your boss will completely understand. Your boss doesn’t want to turn into a zombie either nor do the people whom you work with want to turn into a zombie. So, if your boss says take the day off then you might find yourself in zombie mode with just zoning out and watching TV all day. After all, there’s nothing wrong with watching TV all day instead of working – right? However, your boss might also think that you need some serious mental help if you call in with this one. Are you sure that it wasn’t a vampire?


Other crazy excuses that have been used include that you might have lice, or maybe fell out of a tree. If you’re going to use an excuse to get out of work, try and make sure it’s at least half way believable or plausible or you might regret what could happen when you try to go back the next day.