Starbucks is growing at a rapid pace. The pace is so fast that it seems like the company launches a new store  a lot. The higher ups of the company have focused their efforts on extending their links with other coffee companies. The facts I am going to share with you will blow your mind. Most of the things you will get to know might appear to be untrue. The international expansion plan of Starbucks is dedicated to making sure that their stores would spread across all corners of the world. You never know that it might turn out to be the first company having a store on the moon in the future.

Here are the 10 mind blowing facts about Starbucks.



10. Two Stores Frequency

It has been reported that since the span of 1987, the company has launched 2 stores on a daily basis. These estimates might not be accurate but the company is indeed expanding at a pace like never before. The same holds true in terms of the fame and fortune of the company which are touching sky high limits.

  1. California

California is the one state in USA which has the highest concentration of Starbucks stores. What’s more interesting is the fact that the concentration is the highest in a specific region of the state with more than 550 stores.

  1. Partners are Employees

In 2010, it was reported by the company officials that the company had about 137,000 employees which are referred to as partners. Thus, it can be said that the workforce of the company is more than twice the entire population of Greenland.

  1. China

Starbucks entered into China in 1999 when the first store had been launched in Beijing. Since then, it has been uphill for the company. It has been estimated that at the end of 2015, the company will have more than 1000 stores in strong economic power of the world.

  1. Average Customer

Statistics show that each customer of the company visits the store about 6 to 10 times a month. Moreover, loyal customers visit the store about 20 times a month. In terms of visits per month, Starbucks is one of the leading companies of the world.

  1. Drink Combinations

According to company sources, there are about 87,000 drink combinations which are offered by Starbucks. It is the highest number of combinations you will ever be able to enjoy at any other coffee and drink store.

  1. Grande Coffee

The Grande Coffee of Starbucks contains about 4 to 5 times more caffeine than the one found in Red Bull. More specifically, it offers 320 milligrams of caffeine in a serving.

  1. Cinnamon Chip Scone

This item contains more calories than most of the burgers you might ever consumed. The total calorie count is 480 calories per serving. It is much more than the calories you will consume by eating a quarter pounder burger at McDonalds.

  1. $ 300 million

The company spends a huge amount of money on health insurance programs for its employees. It is more than the total amount that is spent on purchasing high quality coffee beans.

  1. 93 Million Gallons Milk

The company uses about 93 million gallons of milk on an annual basis. It is more than the amount of water required to fill in 155 Olympic swimming pools. Not to forget the fact that the milk used is of the best quality one can find.

There is a lot more to Starbucks than you can possibly imagine. The facts I shared are true and reliable as they have been collected from a number of reliable sources. So the next time you visit Starbucks,  keep all this information in mind.