I don’t know about you but I was always afraid of the Easter Bunny. I never found him to be comforting. Only once did my parents take me to have my picture done with the Easter Bunny and I left crying. After looking at some pictures of other children with Easter Bunnies I realize that I am not alone. I think that Santa is way cooler then the Easter Bunny.

Check out these 10 Kids Scared of The Easter Bunny

10. Poor Doggyso I start it off with not showing a kid but you know, the dog looks just as horrified as the kids

No. No and no. I found several things wrong when I looked at this picture. I mean first off, you have the bunnies position. Secondly, is the dog a female or a male? 3rd, is it just me or does the bunny even look hungry? Lastly, the dog just looks plain horrified. I hope that whoever paid for this to be done didn’t have to spend a lot of money on it. I also think that the shoes on the Easter Bunny should be pink and not black.



9. Scared Baby Girl

I don’t blame the baby girl. I’d be crying too if I had to sit in his lap. I am not so sure what scares me the most. The baby girl crying or the way the Easter Bunny looks. Some kids start very young not liking the Easter Bunny. Do you blame her? He might look more harmless then some of the other Easter Bunny pictures I’ve seen but still…he does look rather scary in his own way.



8. Both Kids Crying? Something must be wrong.

I think that it’s for sure a time to worry when both kids are trying to escape from the Eater Bunny. Maybe the Easter Bunny needs glasses. Why would he want to hold both of them at once or attempt it? On second thought, maybe the older child just wants to get away from the crying baby or maybe both. It’s really hard to tell. What do you think? Is the older kid wanting to run from the Easter Bunny or get away from the baby? Well, one thing is for sure. The baby for sure doesn’t like the Easter Bunny.



7. It’s ok kid. I feel like crying with you.

Do you blame the kid for crying her head off? I think that’s one of the scariest Easter Bunnies I’ve seen. It’s one Easter Bunny that will torment you in your sleep. Easter might very well be destroyed now for her because of this Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny looks like he’s up too no good. Maybe he really isn’t. Those eyes of his eyes. He doesn’t look like a happy Easter Bunny at all and the girl knows it.



6. Hold her down quick and take the picture while you can

I say that the girl has had enough. She no longer wants the Easter Bunny to hold her. However, the parents just want her to be in a really cute picture with the Easter Bunny. Is it just me or does the Easter Bunny actually look like he’s being really patient with the kid or maybe he just doesn’t want to let her go? Hmm…This Easter Bunny at least has eyes unlike some of the others….



5. Save Me!

This little girl is making it obvious how she feels about the Easter Bunny. Here’s another hungry Easter Bunny for you. It looks like he’s wanting to take a bite out of her arm. I can almost hear the Easter Bunny saying…”I’ve got you my pretty…you’re not going anywhere until I say so…”



4. I will not cry…

I have to hand it too him. I think that he did pretty good for his age. He hasn’t burst out into tears yet. You can tell he’s very close too it. I must say that’s one of the weird Easter Bunnies I’ve seen in awhile. He’s braver then me. I’m sure if I had to sit on his lap I would have burst out into tears right away. They at least got a picture of him being still on his lap.



3. Pick us up please!

They have every right to be scared. Another hungry Easter Bunny who wants to chomp down on two heads instead of one this time. Poor kids. I know that this was the last thing in the world that they wanted to have done. Maybe they thought if both of them had their picture done at once it would make it easier for them. Guess again.



2. Very Scary Bunny

Oh my! I don’t blame her for being scared at all! I would be more then scared. You wouldn’t catch me near this Easter Bunny. If the Joker was going to be an Easter Bunny then I think that he would look something like this. Maybe this Easter Bunny is related to the Joker. Either way, hopefully the kid didn’t have nightmares that night after seeing this scary Easter Bunny.



1. Two Easter Bunnies…twice the fun – right?

It’s bad enough having to see one Easter Bunny but could you imagine having to see two Easter Bunnies? I feel completely sorry for her. I’m surprised she’s still even sitting on her lap. I don’t know why they thought it would be a good idea for them to have two Easter Bunnies next to each other. I wonder how many pictures they actually managed to really take that day.




If you see your child is unhappy with the Easter Bunny, do the right thing. Pick up your child and maybe come back another day. One screaming child might cause a chain reaction.