Modern technology has caused for things to change. Technology has helped for more opportunities to come about and for more jobs but at the same time, a few people lost their jobs with technology improving. A few of these jobs might sound crazy but back then they were needed. I am sure that in years to come some of the jobs we do now might sound crazy to the future generations and they’ll be laughing at us.

Check out these 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist Today

10. Pre-Radar Listeners
The Army needed a device that would help them with being able to detect whenever the enemy might be coming. They created a device that detected the sound waves that went through the amplified receivers. They called them ears. Men would operate on these machines and listen out for the army. Once detected, they would inform their team of the enemy being nearby.



9. Lamp lighters
How did people survive without electric lamps? They would hire lamp lighters. Their job was too walk the streets before night time settled in and they would ignite all of the lights on the streets with flames. The street lamps were fueled with gas before electric lamps. Imagine how many must have lost their jobs when electric lamps became popular.



8. Switchboard Operator
A switchboard operator was a very popular job though it was complicated. Operators had to keep up with lots of things daily. The career was considered to be extremely important. Some people actually had to connect each phone call that was made by connecting the wires so people could have their phone conversation. All of this was done manually. Today, everything is done this way digitally. Often times women did this job.



7. Chimney Sweepers
Whenever I think of a chimney sweeper I think of Mary Poppins right away. The ones who had this job had to clean and inspect all of the chimney’s. One thing that might interesting to know is that just not anyone could do it. Often times it had to be either boys or men that could clean the chimney. The reason why is because the men had to be thin but at the same time they had to also be strong. Mostly teenagers or young males could do this job. A lot of people started to get rid of chimneys when they made their new names and had it to where the options for cleaning happened to be more mechanized.

victorian style chimney sweep, a child chimney sweep,  hulton pi


6. Log Drivers
Before there was a variety of methods available for transportation log drivers were popular. They would actually take logs and float on them and guide them down the rivers to the plants available there for treatment. The only one who could do this kind of job where strong men. I am sure that some of the log drivers didn’t mind the transportation that was available even though it might have effected them job wise.



5. Rat Catches
Yes, some people had the job of catching rats. However, mainly men in Europe were the ones who ended up with this job. This job was extremely dangerous. Rat catchers might end up coming down with an infection from a bite of a rat. The good thing about this job was that it did help to prevent some of the diseases from spreading around to the general public. In time, the rat population started to die down and diseases for treatment and prevention came on the scene. Only men that were non-musophobic could do this type of job. Hopefully his wife or girlfriend didn’t mind him doing it.



4. Ice Cutters
I love my refrigerator and can’t imagine life without it. However, think back before the time of cellsars, refrigerators and ice boxes. How would you get your ice fresh? Guys would have to actually saw up big blocks of ice in conditions that were awful and extremely harsh. Only men that were very strong could do this kind of job. The reason why this job went away was because…yes, you guessed it. Because of modern refrigerators.



3. Coal Stokers
A long time ago ships could not run on their own or had the current technology it does today. So, how did the ships run without the technology we have now? Human labor was required. It didn’t matter your age, if you were a man and needed a job then you might have decided to take this on. Men worked in the boiler rooms and had to shovel the coal in the furnaces. This job was a very hard one, dangerous and very demanding.



2. Elevator Operators
Elevator operators were extremely popular. You’ll even see them in some movies like Pretty Woman. Their job was to take the passengers to the floor that they desired. They had to make sure that the passengers were always safe. Not just anyone could have this job. Only individuals who could excel with precision had this job. Some places still have them but not many.



1. The Milkman
One job that was extremely popular for a very long time was the milkman. The milkman would come and bring people their milk daily so that way it would never spoil. This was before they had modern refrigerators that could handle having milk in there for a long period of time. Only men who were young and charming could have this type of job. They also had to be well dressed and always handsome. This was another job that just not anyone could have.



Some other popular jobs that don’t exist anymore includes lectors, pinsetters and leech collectors. I wonder what jobs will be available in the future as modern technology becomes more advanced. On the flip side, I also wonder as to what jobs will be no more as things change.