Genetic modification is a really hot topic these days. Whether it be the United States or China, a great deal of research is being done on this topic. The trend is also quite prevalent in the African regions. It should be noted that a large number of people are against using these techniques. However, it is a fact that the time is not far that the future of the world will be determined by genetic modification. It is an indication of the amount of progress the world has made using which humanity is now equipped to control its own future. So instead of not criticizing the use of these techniques, the whole world needs to show its gratitude to the researchers who have dedicated their lives to genetic modification. Here are the 10 common genetically modified items.

10. Honey

It might hard to imagine that honey can also be genetic modified. Whether you like it or not, we now have the capacity to modify the inherent structure of this food item which is widely consumed all over the globe. That’s not all, as researchers are now working on modifying the honey bees themselves in order to ensure that the world might never run out of honey.


  1. Sugar

A number of types of sugar are now being derived from genetic modification. It has also been established that a large amount of sugar being obtained through this technique is actually consumable and safe.


  1. Soy

Soy is another food item that is being derived from GM. It should be noted that a large amount of soy crops in USA, China and some other countries are the direct result of genetic modification. It is through the use of this technique that the shortage of the food can be fulfilled.


  1. Cotton

It is not a food item but still the wide range of uses of this product cannot be denied. Yet again, it is being harvested in a large amount in the United States and many other countries. The best thing about this item is that we now have the capacity to obtain GM cotton in large amounts.


  1. Canola Oil

The regions which have been unable to obtain natural canola oil are now turning to the use of genetic modification in order to meet the demands of canola oil. There is an increasing competition between regions to make use of GM in order to elevate the profits that result from the exports of these plants.


  1. Potatoes

The genetically modified potatoes indeed have a different coloring but they are quite the same in their supply of nutrients. It is to be noted that the GM potatoes have been obtained from the genes of a number of other potatoes’ species. So it can be said that by consuming the highest quality potatoes, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of nutrients in a single species.


  1. Milled Corn Products

The use of corn as a food item is almost unlimited. The same is the reason for which it is now being subject to GM in order to meet the gap between demand and supply. That’s not all, as the GM corn will be able to resist the invasion by a number of viruses and infections.


  1. Yeast

This product is being GM for making wine yeast and a number of other items that are based on the same food item. Furthermore, the item is also being used in making medications for migraines and other mental health problems. The results so far suggest that genetically modified yeast has brought in effective results.


  1. Dairy

A large number of dairy products are being modified now. The leading countries in this regard are China, USA, Canada and many others. Another important point to note is that the types of milk that result in allergic reactions will be undermined through the use of GM milk. It can be said that this milk will be free from all the drawbacks.


  1. Tobacco

It has been reported that tobacco is always susceptible to a wide range of reactions. However, the GM version will be free and resistant to any form of external invasions. In addition, the pricing of this superior form of tobacco will be lower in comparison to the naturalized versions.


There is an ongoing propaganda and biased studies being conducted to prove that GM items are dangerous and harmful. The power of science is being undermined by a group of radicals who know nothing about it. For this reason, do not be let down by this false and faked material as it is time for all of us to acknowledge the powers and wonders of science.