When you’re in love with someone you might be surprised as to what all you might do in hopes that they will love you back. Us girls can get insane sometimes when it comes to love but guys also aren’t all innocent either. However, sometimes guys still might not know when a girl is hitting on them or when a girl likes them. She could be giving you all of the signs and they might just completely go over your head.

Check out these 10 Weird Things Girls Do To Make Guys Like Them

10. Act Mysterious
I have acted mysterious before in the past whenever I’ve liked someone. The reason why a lot of us girls love to act mysterious is because we hope that it comes off as looking sexy and intriguing. It doesn’t always work but sometimes we get lucky and it works. However, not all guys like it when girls act mysterious. There are times when you never know what a guy likes until you test it out on them.



9. Girls try hard to impress the guy’s family
A lot of times us girls will go out of the way to impress the guy’s family. It doesn’t really matter what we think of the family. What matters is making sure that the family likes us. However, this can be both good and bad. Getting too close to the family might cause some problems later on down the road. Girls, you also don’t want ask if you can meet his family. Wait until he brings it up and sees if you would like to meet them.



8. Come on guys – do you think we scare that easy? Well, maybe..
Us girls knows that guys like to act tough and put on a show in front of us ladies. Sometimes we get scared just so the man can come and rescue us. He might even pick you up in his arms and carry you afterwards. When he’s holding you in his arms he might just realize as to what a great woman you might be and totally fall in love. This idea might seem weird but it has worked.



7. Dress in clothes that they like but we don’t
There are times when the ladies want to go so out of their way to impress the guys that they wear what might impress them. This might even make it a painful evening for the ladies. They could end up wearing shoes which could be too tight or wear something that they feel uncomfortable in. Often times the guys don’t even really compliment or figure out that they are trying to impress them with what they are wearing.



6. Show up at his office or work place without announcing it first
Some women might think that it’s cool to show up at his work place without calling or asking about it first. There are so many reasons as to why you might want to try and avoid this one even if you are in the same neighborhood. It could get your crush into trouble and cause a lot of problems and possibly even a breakup. You could get lucky and the guy might completely love the fact that you visited him but it’s something I wouldn’t take a chance on.



5. Some girls pretend that they are dumb when they are actually very smart
Some girls get embarrassed when they are very smart. They want him to think that he’s smarter. They’ll even say things like glitter is their favorite color instead of actually sharing their true favorite color. They might even ask for help with figuring out the bills when they already know how to do it. Guys don’t let them fool you. They really might be smarter then you.



4. Ladies might send a text and claim it was accidental
Oops! Did you receive a text from me last night? I must have been having too much fun last night. The text was meant for someone else. Oh wait, you liked the text? Well, even if you admit that you liked the text they will still claim that it was an accident. You might actually get a few of those accidental text messages. You can also always send an accidental text message back.



3. Send out friend requests to all of his friends on Facebook or on other social media sites
A random friend request pops up and it just shows one mutual friend. Do you accept or deny it? He might not even be aware that she’s sending out friend requests to everyone. I would first ask him what he thinks before accepting her as a friend. She could end up actually becoming your best friend regardless of what happens between him and her.



2. Ladies tend to be bad about hiding their feelings
When a lady really wants to impress a guy they might hide their true feelings. This is a bad way to start off the relationship. If you’re already afraid to say your mind and speak up at the beginning then what’s going to happen when the two of you get really close? Impressing him is one thing but covering up your true feelings is another. Go ahead and speak your mind. Find another way to impress him instead of hiding your feelings.



1. Laugh hard at all of the jokes he tells
You might think that you have a wonderful sense of humor because no matter what you say, she laughs at it. The best way to test this is to say a couple of the same jokes with your guy friends and see if they also laugh. Sometimes girls laugh a lot when they are also nervous. Don’t let it get too your head too much if she’s laughing at everything your saying. Just know that she probably really likes you.



Whenever girls act weird around you, don’t just brush them off. Observe them and know that their weirdness might be for a reason.