I don’t know about you but I love to visit the fair during the summer. Growing up I enjoyed going to the fair because of the rides. Now, I enjoy going to the fair because of the food. Some classic fair food finds include corndogs, funnel cakes, fried pickles, popcorn and ice cream. When I go there, I avoid these classic fair foods and look for the food that might be weird yet delicious at the same time. You could possibly make some of these at home but there’s just something about having them at the fair that make them taste even better.

Check out these 10 Delicious Yet Weird Fair Foods

10. Rustic Stuffed Scones
If you’re looking for food that might seem fancy at a fair then you might want to look into a rustic stuffed scone. What exactly is a rustic stuffed scone? It’s a ham and sandwich. Might sound simple but the taste is just amazing. The scone has a Parmesan savory crust to it, which makes it even more delicious.



9. Deep fried pecan pie…on a stick
I’m a big fan of pecan pie but you’re not living until you’ve tried the deep fried pecan pie on a stick at the fair. One of my favorite pecan pies is chocolate pecan pie but this deep fried pecan pie almost comes in at a tie with the chocolate pecan pie. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a slice of pecan pie that’s deep fried and then you get it on a stick.



8. Fat Elvis on a Stick
Another awesome food that’s on a stick at the fair. The fat Elvis on a stick is simply peanut butter, bacon, chocolate, and banana batter combined together on a stick. You can get this at the Wisconsin State Fair. If you’re like me and wanting to visit the fair for the food, then I highly recommend the Wisconsin State Fair. They have some awesome food.



7. Giant Pop Rock Donuts
I love donuts. Even on a hot summer day, a donut can really hit the spot. However, when I’m at the fair if I want to have a donut then the giant pop rock donut is the only one that will do. This is a donut which is fluffy and humongous. It’s around the size of a pancake with pink icing that’s warm. Why does it have the name pop rocks? On top you’ll find that the donut is sprinkled with cherry pop rocks.



6. Bacon Covered Cinnamon Rolls
If you love bacon and cinnamon rolls, then you’ve got to try these. The combination is just awesome. It’s two of my favorite breakfast food combinations rolled into one. Did you know that bacon on cinnamon rolls is so popular that some vendors actually sprinkle some bacon on their cinnamon rolls. I tend to like my bacon wrapped inside of it. If you’re at a fair and see this, then try it out. You’ll love it.



5. Spam Burgers
If you grind together some spam, butter, green pepper and possibly add some bacon and cheese on it then you’ve got yourself a delicious spam burger. Getting one of these at the fair is awesome because you’ll find that fairs tend to have a variety of spam burgers available. The Minnesota State Fair is known for having some delicious spam burgers.



4. Macaroni and Cheese Muffin
You can easily make macaroni and cheese muffins at home, but this is just one of those food items at the fair that if you see it, you should try it. You can also get this one at the Minnesota State Fair. One thing to know is if you decide to make these at home, you’ll have to wait for around two hours depending on what recipe you decide to follow. The time difference will vary but either way, you’re in for a wait but it’ll be worth it.



3. Deep fried mashed potatoes on a stick
You can put almost anything on a stick these days. I think that it makes the food even extra special when it’s on a stick. You’ll find some of the best deep fried mashed potato sticks at the Tulsa State Fair. You can also request for bacon cheddar mashed potatoes or just regular ones without the cheese on them. Keep in mind that the bacon cheddar is fried on it, so that makes it even more delicious.



2. Deep fried cookie dough
I love cookie dough ice cream and even cookie dough candy. Having cookie dough deep fried is just a no brainer to me. The cookie dough is gooey, warm and crispy. When you put chocolate sauce on it and completely cover it you’ll be amazed at just how incredible it is and might not ever want to have just plain cookie dough again.




1. Hot Toasted waffle ice cream sandwich
If you’re in the mood for ice cream, look for something unusual at the fair that has it such as the hot toasted waffle ice cream sandwich. The typical hot toasted waffle ice cream sandwich has one huge scoop of vanilla ice cream that’s stuffed between two toasted waffles and on top, you’ll find that it’s covered with delicious powdered sugar. You’ll be polishing that off very fast and might even find yourself making it at home soon.



Some other unusual fair foods include maple bacon funnel cakes, sriracha balls, chilled bread pudding, beer battered cheese curds, frito pie, turkey legs, PB&J French toast, Krispy Kreme Hamburgers and pickle dogs. I always have a goal that whenever I go to the fair I am going to try at least one of these unusual foods and I often times never regret it.