If you’re thinking about not smoking anymore then you’re on the right track. Trying to stop smoking is hard but in the long run, you’re helping your health, saving money and much more. Smoking doesn’t affect just you but it also affects people around you. When you stop smoking you’re also helping them. A lot of people try the old fashioned ways of overcoming their smoking habits, such as reducing how many they have or they might try medication for it. Often times these plans end up failing for many people. Congratulations to you if you’re one of the few who can pull it off cold turkey or with doing it the old fashioned way. However, if you’re at your wits end with trying to stop smoking and can’t overcome it that way then maybe these 10 Unusual Ways to Stop Smoking will help you. Please keep in mind that these ways might not guarantee you’ll be able to quit but hopefully they will be able to motive you with stopping.

Check out these 10 Unusual Ways to Stop Smoking

10. Try Visualization
Try to learn how you can relax when the cravings kick in. Meditation and visualization can help with aiding towards a distraction plus help to re-energize you. Create an image that’s peaceful. Maybe see the ocean and a beautiful sunrise or sunset over it. Concentrate on that image that’s peaceful and soothing. Don’t let other distractions interfere while you’re trying to visualize it. Do deep breathing and know that you can do it.



9. Review your appearance and look great – dress for success
Look at the way you are dressed. Are you happy with your clothes and appearance? Looking professional and feeling sharp helps with boosting up your self esteem. Dressing sloppy or having an appearance you’re not happy with can affect you in a lot of ways. It can also hold you back in the work place. If you’re unsure about your appearance then you might want to talk with someone in a clothing department at a known store. Listening to friends and family might also help but a true professional might be able to give you advice that they can’t. Have an opened mind and know that you might have to put aside some favorite clothes in order to accomplish a look that makes you look fantastic.



8. Light a candle
Some people have the urge to just light something when they want to smoke. If you find you are one of those then light a candle. You might even want to consider lighting a scented candle. Lavender is a great one that can help with calming your nerves. Other calming smells include rose, chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang and bergamot. After dinner you might consider lighting up dessert or candles that might smell sweet to prevent from overeating.



7. Distract yourself with playing games
Is it time for a cigarette break? Instead of smoking a cigarette during that break try playing games. If you have a touch screen phone like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy there are many games that you can download. A few that I recommend includes Bejeweled Blitz, Solitaire, Bingo, Temple Run and Cooking Fever. There are many gaming apps available in a variety of categories. You might have to download and remove some until you find the games you enjoy playing on your phone.



6. Plan a vacation
When you stop smoking you’re saving a lot of money. Plan on taking a vacation with that money you’re saving. Put it all aside in a special spot that cannot be touched. When you have enough money saved you can go on that dream vacation that you’ve always wanted to have. Having some sort of goal in mind after not smoking for awhile can also help to motivate you. Think of that goal whenever you want to smoke.



5. Watch motivational videos of celebrities who stopped smoking
There are lots of celebrities who stopped smoking. They know that it’s hard from experience. There are videos on YouTube and other sources that have these celebrities who talk about how they were able to overcome it. When you listen to them you might be able to learn some secrets to overcoming smoking that you didn’t know about and it could help you even more.



4. Empty the ashtray only once at the end of the day
A lot of people think that they’re doing good until they think about how many times they’ve emptied the ashtray. If you’re cutting back smoking then only empty the ashtray once a day. This way you’ll know for sure how many cigarettes you’ve had at the end of the day. If you’ve found out you’ve smoked more then what you wanted then don’t stop your goal of overcoming it. Look at how you can change what you’re doing and continue to press on with your goal.



3. Massage your ears and hands daily
Studies show that massaging your ears and hands for at least two minutes daily can help smokers with being able to not light it up so much. It calms the nerves down and relieves anxiety. People who also suffer with anxiety can benefit from this since it calms the nerves. Massage both ears for two minutes and hands. You’ll be amazed as to how much better you’ll feel after you’re done. Doing this in mid afternoon or when the stress is the highest might also help to relieve it.



2. Detox your system and start eating healthy
Detoxing your system can help with flushing out the nicotine that’s in your body. When this happens the cravings ease off. Drink a lot of water. Consume more greens, garlic, dandelion root, apples or other food items that might help with supporting a healthy liver. Drink drinks that will help you detox your system. If you’re on medication talk first with your doctor about detoxing to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your medication. Review your diet and see what all you can do to eat healthy during your detox and after your detox.



1. Try baking soda
One unusual way to stop smoking involves baking soda. Mix just one tablespoon of baking soda with at least one 8 ounce glass of water. Do this twice per day for the first week you’ve stopped smoking. After the first week continue to do it until the cravings have stopped. Baking soda can help with your kidneys, indigestion, overcoming cigarette cravings and even help with improving your athletic performance.

Spoonful of baking soda and glass of water


Talk with your doctor and see what all your doctor might recommend to help you with being able to overcome smoking.