A lot of people think that if you talk to yourself that you must be crazy. However, talking to yourself might be why you could just be a genius. There are lots of reasons as to why you should talk to yourself and not judge others who do talk with themselves. Maybe it’s the beginning of the week and you’re already feeling stressed out about it. Take time out to not only meditate but also talk to yourself. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel from it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Talk To Yourself

10. Talking To Yourself Helps To Provide Social Support
There might be things going on in your life that you might not want your loved ones or friends to know. When this is the case then talking to yourself can help provide that social support when others might not be around. You receive almost the same benefit talking to yourself and you don’t have to worry about the drama that could come from interacting with others.



9. You’ll be able to concentrate better
A lot of people who have ADD talk to themselves and perhaps they do without realizing the benefits from it. Athletes often times mutter motivational things before a major event to help with taking off some of the stress and calming down. They also pump themselves up this way. People with ADD can benefit because not only will it help them to concentrate better but it will improve their attention span.



8. You can solve problems faster
I don’t know about you but there are many times when I get myself in a situation and just seem stuck in it. I try to find a solution for the situation but nothing helps, not even meditation. However, when I talk to myself or tell myself that I can do it then I become motivated. The motivation helps me to focus better and then I can find the solution to the problem.



7. Reduces stress in many ways
Talking to yourself helps to reduce stress in many ways. Tired of the drama from your friends and family? Talk to yourself more often. I am not saying to avoid them. You’ll just not have to worry about the stress that comes from talking to your friends. These days we tend to share a lot of details on social networking sites such as Facebook. Instead of doing that, talk to yourself and see how you can solve the problem that way instead of sharing it. This way you’ll not only reduce stress in your life but you’ll also reduce anxiety.



6. You’ll sleep better at night
Worried about what others might say or do if you share your personal information? Do you find that you stay up night scared that they might take what you shared and turn it around? Best way to avoid this is just to talk with yourself. You’ll be able to sleep better at night and won’t have to worry about what others might do with the information you shared.



5. Your memory will improve
If you have any doubt about how good talking to yourself might be then test it out. Take an object and put it somewhere. Before you decide where to put it talk to yourself out loud. Tell yourself where you’re putting it. You’ll be able to remember where you put it because you talked to yourself beforehand.



4. It helps to improve how you communicate with others
I sometimes can get stressed out when I have to talk with others. If I am meeting someone for the first time or with a lot of people at once, then I can get nervous. If you’re like me then the one thing I have found that helps is that I rehearse the meeting and conversations out loud. Before having to say a speech I rehearse in front of the mirror. This will help with being able to get your points made clearly plus reduce any drama or possible anger that might happen when you talk to others.

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3. You’ll be able to blow off your anger and steam
I know that I’ve had people who have made me mad before and could not personally confront them about it. When I’ve been ticked off before what I do is simply talk to myself about how unfair the current situation is and about how they wrongly they treated me. In many ways this helps with putting the self back into self assertion, which you need.



2. You’ll be able to understand the way you think better
It can be difficult trusting what our heart is telling us. You might not understand your way of thinking and could get confused. Talking to yourself helps you with being able to see things differently. You’ll be able to bring about a new level of self awareness that you did not have before.



1. It can help you to live longer
Due to the fact that talking to yourself helps to reduce stress, sleep better at night and clears your conscious, your health improves drastically. This will help you with being able to live longer. Stress and anger or lack of sleep can greatly cause problems for your health which could reduce your life span. Talking to yourself even can help with boosting your self-esteem. Low self-esteem also affects your health in a negative way. This is another reason as to why giving yourself a pep talk can help you with being able to live longer.

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When was the last time you talked to yourself?