The bathroom is always a place filled with lots of bacteria. It can have all kinds of germs in it including E.coli and hepatitis. The atmosphere is moldy and damp which a lot of the germs can thrive on and grow. A lot of people think that the toilet seat might be the number one thing that’s the dirtiest but they are wrong. You might actually be surprised as to how many more things could be dirtier than your toilet seat that you could even touch daily. Think about it. There’s ATM’s, elevator buttons, phones and even the ATM machine. This is just a start as to how many things might be dirtier than your toilet seat. When you’re busy doing stuff that’s all of the more reason as to why you should always wash your hands.

Check out these 10 Things Dirtier than Your Toilet Seat

10. Cell phones
Cell phones tend to have 10x more germs and bacteria than your toilet seat. This is something to take into consideration if you’re thinking about buying a used cell phone. Not to scare you away from doing so, but be sure to clean it properly if you get one. Cell phones carry a lot of germs. It’s good to actually switch and buy a new case on your phone sometimes to help with getting rid of some of those germs. Imagine if you’re using the same cell phone case for just even 1 year how many germs that case could have? Another thing to think about is that at least 19% of the people with cell phones drop the phones they have in the toilet and then quickly try to sale it afterwards or put a case on it.


9. Refrigerators
Your refrigerator might be full of salmonella, E.Coli and even listeria. It’s not only your refrigerator that could be have lots of germs but even the door of your refrigerator. What tends to be the biggest of problems is containers that have meat and vegetables in them. They get left in the frig and mold grows on them. When was the last time you washed your refrigerator or even your refrigerator door? It’s not something you do often enough, correct?


8. Pillows
I am sure that you might not have even been thinking about pillows. However, think about this the next time you use your pillow. A pillow can contain dead bugs, dust mites, fungi, bed bugs and many other germs. It’s even been known to be one of the causes for MRSA. Changing your pillow out every few months is important to avoid these germs. Mattresses can also contain germs.


7. Toothbrushes
When was the last time you changed out your tooth brush? Most of us tend to keep the same tooth brush for several months and don’t even bother tossing it. However, a toothbrush can attract many bathroom germs. A lot of people tend to even drop their toothbrush on the floor without cleaning it properly. Sometimes you might even drop it in the toilet by accident. Toothbrushes these days are cheap enough to where you could even get one every couple of months to avoid germs and bacteria building up in it.


6. Ice
Did you know that ice contains at least 70% more germs than the water that’s in your toilet? It doesn’t matter if it’s crushed or even cubed ice, it can still contain germs. Bacteria can accumulate inside of the ice maker and then germs can attach itself to the tray. It’s important to clean out your ice maker and swap out your trays every few months to avoid this from occurring.


5. Clean laundry
The laundry might look and appear clean but as they say, looks can sometimes be deceiving. Germs get into your washing machine and they can stay there, grow and just thrive. Detergent often times does not do anything at all to help with fighting off the bacteria. If you really want to get rid of the bacteria then using bleach is a must, especially when it comes to your undergarments.


4. ATM Machines
A lot of people don’t even bother washing their hands before or after they use the ATM machine. You don’t know what kind of germs the person in front of you has. Using the touch screen on the ATM machine is just as dangerous for the same reason. Maybe just wear gloves each time and change those out when you use the ATM machine. Often times, they don’t even offer any kind of solution to help with preventing the passing of germs at these machines.


3. Computer keyboards
It doesn’t matter where you end up using a computer keyboard, it more than likely has more bacterial on it than your toilet seat. Your keyboard at work and at home can be covered in germs. Seriously, when was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? In 2007 in Washington DC at an elementary school, there was a serious sickness outbreak. What was the cause of the outbreak? Dirty keyboards in the classroom.


2. Money
Money has been around forever. Even the newest dollar bills can still contain germs on them. Think about how many people touched the money before you received it? Money can even contain the flu virus for around 17 days after making contact with someone who has had it. The best way to avoid this problem is to use your credit card.


1. Electric Hand Dryers in Bathrooms
A lot of people use the eclectic hand dryers in public restrooms. When they remove the moisture from people’s hands the dryers then actually spew all kinds of bacteria in the bathroom. Kind of blows doesn’t it? Grab a paper towel instead because to date, it’s the choice that seems to be the healthiest right now.


Wash your hands more often to avoid these germs. You might also want to think about doing some serious house cleaning.