If you have a dream of owning a big pet, then go for it. Just be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into and can handle the responsibility of a big pet. If you have children then be sure that the pet you get regardless of its size can play well with kids.

Check out 10 of the Biggest Pets Ever

10. The Fluffy Chow

I don’t know about you but I love chows. This might not be one of the worlds biggest pets ever but it’s certainly one of the world’s fluffiest chow’s ever. I am sure that it takes awhile to brush and care for this chow. I think the nose on this chow is just so cute. It sort of reminds me of a big fluffy cat instead of a chow. I don’t know his name so I will just call him fluffy.



9. Meet Bandit ~ One of the biggest raccoons ever

I don’t know about you but I was shocked when I found out that this raccoon is 75 pounds. I had no idea that raccoons could even get that heavy. If I put all three of my big cats together this raccoon will still end up weighing more then them. I can only imagine how much food this raccoon has to eat daily.



8. Meet George ~ The tallest great Dane

George was once in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest dog ever. Sadly, after he turned 8 years old he passed away. George was a wonderful pet. The family said he was friendly and despite how tall he was, he was just part of the family. At the time of his death they measured him he was 42 5/8 inches high and weighed 245 pounds. His family dearly misses him. Whenever they would travel, people would want to take photos of him.



7. Meet Caplin ~ 100 pound rodent

Caplin lives in Texas and a woman decided to adopt him for a pet. She said that Caplin is very loyal to the family. He is very good whenever they are out. She said a lot of people don’t realize that rodents can be very smart and friendly. Caplin is actually known as a capybara. They live in a home where he can roam outside and plays in the pool. He tends to generally follow her around makes a whining sound whenever she’s not there.



6. Meet Twinkie ~ The Worlds Largest Pet Snake

Twinkie is the world’s largest Albino Reticulated Python. Despite her size and being so popular, she’s actually very well mannered and gets along with people. She enjoys being in the water. She weighs 350 lbs. She’s now at the Reptile Zoo. Despite the fact that she’s friendly, it’s still a good idea to not make Twinkie mad at you and still be cautious when you’re around her.



5. Meet Garfield ~ A huge cat

Garfield might not be the biggest cat in the world but he’s for sure huge. He weighs 40 pounds. Recently he was put on a diet to try and lose weight but he’s still huge. It’ll take him awhile to lose some weight. I think it hurts my back with just the idea of picking him up and holding him. I am sure that whenever he goes out people also want to take pictures of him. He’s also extremely cute.



4. Meet Ralph the Rabbit

Most rabbits weigh just a few pounds when they are adults but not Ralph! Ralph comes in at an amazing size of 55 pounds. His parents were also very big rabbits. These rabbits are in the UK. Currently he’s four years old and still holds the record for being the biggest pet rabbit in the world. He eats around $90 worth of food weekly and extremely sweet.



3. Meet Big Jake The Friendly Horse

Big Jake lives up to his name. He’s in the book of world records for being the tallest horse in the world. When he was born at birth he weighed 240 pounds so right from the start he was big. A lot of people might get scared because of his is size but he’s actually very gentle. He loves to be around people and friendly.



2. Meet Hercules the Liger

Hercules is a Liger that lives in South Carolina. He weighs over 922 pounds. Some people think that this might be a made up pet or not real but ligers are very real and Hercules is the biggest one in the world. He lives at the Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve because liger’s have a hard time with being able to live in the world. Liger’s are also considered to be a rare species and greatly endangered. If you have time and in South Carolina near the preserve, you might consider going on a tour and seeing him.

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1. Meet Sammy the Tortoise

Sammy is a 115-Pound tortoise that lives in San Francisco. The proud owner of this tortoise is 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Colin was given this tortoise as a child and he’s grown up with him. Sammy has not stopped growing and they think he’ll end up much bigger then what he is already. He might also live for another 135 years or even longer. They mainly just eat, walk around and live a very happy stress free life. He said that he saw one on the news when he was young. He had asked for one because they are different and he really liked it. He was thrilled and shocked when his parents actually gave him Sammy. He really misses him when he’s away traveling. They are also extremely cute when they are babies and you just can’t help but fall in love with them but they are a lot of work and expensive to feed weekly.




You never know what pet you might end up falling in love with regardless of their size. Often times the biggest animals tend to be the sweetest and most friendliest animals on earth. However, due to their size they do require more attention with grooming and it can take a lot of money to feed them weekly.