Let’s face it. Men and women all love to have healthy thick hair naturally. Some have difficulty with achieving this and end up trying all kinds of shampoos, medicine and special treatments for their hair and end up with no results. What you might not know is that the biggest problem might be your diet and what you’re eating or not eating. It’s important to have your vitamins and Omega 3 in order to help with having thick hair. You can consume foods that have these vitamins in it to help with having healthy hair naturally. If you’re unsure as to what kinds of food might help your hair then you should really find this list useful.

Check out these 10 Foods That Will Help You Grow Thick Hair Naturally

10. Fish such as Oysters and Salmon
As most of us know by now, fish is rich with Omega 3 plus 6. Salmon even tends to have lots of protein in it and vitamins such as D. Oysters help as well because they are loaded with zinc and can help with even preventing dandruff. Often times dandruff is caused from lack of vitamins and zinc. You can increase your Omega 3 intake by having fish or either from having Omega 3 Capsules.



9. Almonds and a variety of other nuts
Almonds and many other nuts such as walnuts contain omega 3 in them plus vitamin E and even biotin. If you want to have healthy hair then it’s essential for you to have biotin and the ingredients that these nuts have in them. All you need to do is have at least a handful of almonds or nuts a couple times each week in order to get what you need from them.



8. Green Tea
If you’re not up to having food but might want a drink instead, skip the soda and make yourself some green tea. You’ll be amazed as to all of the benefits that comes from drinking green tea. Green tea can help with boosting up your immune system, aid in weight loss and improve your scalp. Green tea can also help with fighting off dandruff.



7. Dark chocolate
If you love dark chocolate and looking for some kind of excuse to have it then here you go. Dark chocolate is filled with lots of antioxidants, vitamin B and even iron. It’s great to have dark chocolate as a snack during the middle of the week when you need a boost or even when you need a special pick me up if you’re feeling down. Dark chocolate not only helps with growing your hair thick naturally but can aid in enhancing your mood.



6. Yogurt
Yogurt has a lot of ingredients in it that’s healthy for you. There’s lots of protein, vitamins and calcium in yogurt. If you don’t like plain yogurt try adding in some pieces of dark chocolate and mix it up or either put in some of fruit such as strawberries. Yogurt can also help in building up your immune system.



5. Increase your onion intake with a tic tac on the side
Many don’t know this but onions can help with growing hair naturally. The reason why is because of the rich sulfur ingredients in them. If you put onion juices on your scalp by itself then it can not only help with hair growth but even improve your blood circulation directly to your scalp. There are anti-bacterial properties found in sulfur which helps with preventing bacteria and fungi growth on your scalp. Why do you need tic tacs? This is just to help with making sure that you have fresh breath in the process of your onion intake.



4. Eggs
Eggs have four main minerals which helps with hair growth. Those minerals include iron, sulfur, selenium and zinc. They are also full of vitamins such as vitamin B and biotin. They also have tons of protein in them. Eggs is a great way of increasing protein in your diet and your iron. Having eggs for breakfast is one of the best ways to start the day just right.



3. Fruits
You’ll find a variety of fruits such as kiwis, oranges, berries and strawberries supply a certain amount of nourishment to your hair follicles that helps them to grow naturally. Bananas also have lots of zinc in them plus Vitamin B. Consuming fruits throughout the year can really help with hair growth and fighting off dandruff.



2. Brown rice and wholegrain foods
Foods that tend to be wholegrain such as brown rice, oats and barley helps because they have iron, zinc and a lot of vitamins in them. Wholegrain food items also help with regulating your hormones. This indirectly will help with growing your hair due to the nutrients found in whole grains. Instead of going for the white rice, go for the brown rice instead. Changes like these will help your body in many ways.



1. Dark green leafy vegetables
Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli come loaded with folic acid, zinc and other vitamins in them. Broccoli is another one that not only has those ingredients but even has calcium in it. Increasing your dark green leafy vegetable intake not only helps your hair but can also help with building up your immune system. Have a nice strawberry salad with almonds in them if you’re not keen on spinach or broccoli. There are also plenty of other recipes out there that can help you fall in love with these kinds of vegetables.



Other foods include beans, lean red meat, chicken and even vegetable oil can help you. If you’re really considered about hair loss, talk with your doctor about your diet and see what your doctor recommends. Small changes can greatly help you with your hair growth.