Before the internet, people were looking at pictures. Some of those pictures happened to be very funny. A lot of the old pictures had funny quotes on them. A few of those pictures you’ll never forget. Do you remember shopping as a kid and seeing a funny picture that you just had to have? If you can’t remember any of those funny retro pictures then hopefully these 10 Funny Retro Pictures and Quotes will help spark a few good memories.

10. If looks Could Kill women wouldn’t need frying pans

Anne Taintor, the artist of the picture below, graduated in 1977 and attended Harvard University. She had a degree in Environmental and Visual studies. In the 80’s she started off with selling handmade wooden lapel earrings and pins. She wanted to find ways to support herself and her daughter. She was inspired by the 40’s and 50’s advertisements. Later on she was at a garage sale in South Portland, Maine. She found an old Ladies Home Journal and that helped with creating a lot of her signature work such as “If Looks Could Kill Women Wouldn’t Need Frying Pans”.20

9. Speaking of.. if looks could kill…

All children seem to get the hang of the “I want” look. It makes parents feel bad and ultimately give in and let them have whatever they want. However, there’s just something about her look that seems to go beyond that “I want”. I would be scared to not give her exactly what she wants. Now I can’t decide if this is a creepy advertisement or funny.


If it couldn’t get any creepier for you, watch this –

8. Paychecks! Proof that your boss has a sense of humor

I am sure that most of you will enjoy the humor behind this one. You work all day and then get paid. We all feel as if we should have gotten paid more. Maybe your boss was just being funny when he paid you but then again, maybe he wasn’t. It could be all that he has. Time for a new job?


7. Did Someone Forget To Put On Their Big Girl Panties?

I am sure that almost all women have heard this one at some point in their life. Do you remember waking up moody as a teen and hearing your mom say “Did someone forget to put on their big girl panties?” Maybe you were just having a bad week and finally your mom snapped and said it. Sometimes you laughed when she said it and other times you rolled your eyes, slammed your door and went back to your room. I guess you really forgot to put on your big girl panties.



6. Life ! So Much Time, So Few Men!

College students and just women in general can appreciate this one. It seems even today that there’s so much time but yet, so few men. What happened to all of the single hot men anyway? Phew, it’s getting hot in here suddenly!


5. Kids! They grow up so fast, they move out so slow!

I think that parents have been saying this for generations now. Kids seem to grow up so very fast right? But once they grow up they take forever to move out! Maybe the parents might not always want them to move out right away either and not willing to admit it.


4. Drink Coffee! Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy

I really like this retro quote. There are times when it seems that everything we do is stupid. We can get those stupid things done much faster with coffee. Once they are done then we can finally start on doing things that might not be as stupid. Maybe the reason why you might be so tired all of the time because of doing so many stupid things.

3. Bathroom Rules

I think this is one funny retro picture that I would like to have in the bathroom. I am actually surprised that I haven’t seen this anywhere. Maybe I am the only one who things it’s funny? Maybe it’s so old that people forgot about these rules. Rule number one is the best rule of course. There are many other funny bathroom posters and rules such as “When in doubt, take a bath” but I still think that this one covers it.


2. Pall Mall Famous Cigarettes

Worried about that throat scratch? Worry no more. Instead have a Pall Mall. Santa approves after all. He really doesn’t, smoking is bad for you. I don’t encourage smoking. However, this just so funny. Don’t you miss seeing some of the Christmas 50’s advertisements? Back in the 50’s smoking was very popular but of course, this was before most of society was aware of the side effects from smoking.


1.If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t nobody Happy

I think that this is one of the most famous retro quotes ever. “If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”. I can’t remember how many times I heard this one growing up. Another one that I heard growing up was “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy but if grandma ain’t happy – RUN!” Can you imagine both momma and grandma not being happy? Running might be your only option to save yourself!



What you say to your kids is important. You never know what quote you say that they might end up using. You also never know what picture that you have which could end up being funny and something that they never forget.