Who says that Halloween must always be scary? Why can’t you be a mix of both scary and sexy at the same time? What if you just want to look sexy on Halloween but yet have a great costume to show off? All it takes is using your imagination and before you know it, you have a really cool sexy Halloween costume.

If you’re needing some inspiration then check out these 10 Sexy Halloween Women Costumes For 2015 .

10. Sexy Egyptian Halloween Costume

I don’t know about you but I love Egyptian costumes and everything to do with that time period. If you’re a fan like I am then you might consider dressing up as a sexy Egyptian Goddess for Halloween. You might have to buy your accessories in a variety of places but it might be worth it in order to get this sexy look for Halloween.



9. Sexy Cat woman for Halloween

Purrrr! If you’re looking for a sexy and scary Halloween costume at the same time then maybe this might be it. Cat woman is always in style! Hopefully kitty will play nice and you won’t see her scary side! She might not look scary right now but you don’t want to risk making her mad!



8. Sexy Plus Size Adult Cat Woman’s Costume

I don’t know about you but I just totally love this costume! I think that she’s sexy and so adorable. It’s the perfect sexy cat costume. It also looks comfortable to wear. If you like pink, purple, stripes and thinking of being a cat for Halloween then try this outfit. Must say that I love the socks. The two things optional about this outfit might be the necklace and the shoes. I am disappointed that I don’t see a name on her collar. Either way, she still looks sexy.



7. Sexy Woman’s SWAT Team Halloween Costume

You can be either a sexy SWAT woman for Halloween or a sexy policewoman. It’s easy to become a sexy policewoman. You can buy the top at a place like Hot Topics, the pants and boots possibly at Walmart then you can buy the SWAT hat online. Just be sure that it’s a fake water gun when you go out with kids and not a real one. Check the laws in your area about guns before wearing a real one with your costume.



6. Sexy Flight Attendant Halloween Costume

This costume is a mix between being a sexy flight attendant and a sexy marine. You’ve got to love the medal on her red, white and blue Halloween costume. If you’re into flying or either in the marines or might light to honor your friends for their service, this would be one great way to do it. If you’re trying to look scary then this is not the costume for you. Red, white and blue is always sexy. Hurrah!



5. Sexy cry baby Halloween costume

She’s been a very bad baby lately! The pacifier might just keep her happy for awhile. In time she might need something else to keep her quiet. I think that this outfit is sexy but yet for some reason, I also find it scary at the same time. What do you think? Would you dress up as a sexy cry baby for Halloween or is it too much for you?




4. Sexy Genie Women’s Halloween Costume

If you’d like to be a sexy genie with a twist try it this way. I think that this might be one genie you’ll be lucky to know or have in your life. If you play your cards just right she might grant you your wishes. Come on boys, what is it that you wish for today? There are lots of other genie costumes but this one I found to be a favorite. She’s elegant and sexy at the same time.





3. Sexy Ballerina Women’s Halloween Costume

Have you always dreamed of becoming a ballerina? Here’s your chance to be one. Dance the night away in your ballerina outfit. You’ll be looking so sexy that no one will want to stop the music. The only downfall with this sexy costume is that you might be looking so beautiful that they could forget to give you some candy.



2. Sexy Nun Halloween Costume

Wow ! You might need to go and confess your sins if you don’t give her candy on Halloween night. I think I would be scared to not make her happy. She looks incredibly sexy but at the same time scary. Maybe it’s because of the fact she’s a nun that makes her look scary. I think the only thing missing from this outfit might be black nail polish.


1. Sexy Witch She Devil Halloween Costume

A sexy witch she devil is always popular at Halloween time! You’re bound to put a spell on anyone who sees you because you’ll be looking so sexy that they might not see you as scary. You can then maybe get the candy and other goodies you want after you’ve put your magical spell on them at Halloween. The only downfall is that the spell you put on them might just work on Halloween night. Maybe if you do things just right the spell might last a little longer because of how sexy you look.


If you need some music for Halloween night here’s one to consider:


Before you go out on Halloween night always make sure that you check the current laws and see what time you need to come back home. Have a sexy spooky Halloween and stay safe!