I can remember as a kid going trick or treating and being horrified at some of the candy I received in my bag. Overall, most of the candy was great but sometimes you just find that one piece of candy that might destroy your evening. You can get some very gross candy and if it’s not gross candy, you could find yourself getting some stupid candy that you would never have purchased for yourself. The one good thing is that the candy is free at least for better or for worse. If it’s even candy that you receive in your bag.

10 Things You Never Want To See In Your Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

10. Protein Bars
Some people have decided that children get enough candy on Halloween night. They have decided that what they need more then candy is a good protein bar. Disgusting, right? Maybe you have a friend who loves to work out and can give them the protein bar. I am sure that every kid dreams of receiving a protein bar for Halloween instead of candy or chocolate.



9. Sugar Free Hot Chocolate
I don’t mind getting free hot chocolate but I don’t like the sugar free hot chocolate. I can remember being so disappointed when I would see sugar free hot chocolate. The other thing I know kids these days don’t like getting at Halloween time is sugar free chocolate or sugar free candy. Giving anything sugar free to a kid at Halloween will cause a few frowns.



8. Grapes and Other Fruit
It’s never a good idea to give a kid fruit on Halloween night, especially grapes. They might also easily choke on them. Children get so excited on Halloween night the last thing in the world they’ll be thinking about is cutting up the grapes to make sure they swallow them properly. The other fruit also includes apples. Another thing too is that they might go rotten before they even decide to eat them, so you’re throwing your money away when you give fruit on Halloween night.



7. Pumpkin Peeps or other left over Easter candy
Easter is long gone and it’s now Halloween. Some people might think it’s cute to throw in pumpkin peeps. Others might find it’s a good way to get rid of left over Easter candy. Just remember, kids might remember where they received that old candy from. You might lose a few friends in the neighborhood when they all know you put the candy in their bag.



6. Splenda, Sweet N Low or other artificial flavored sweeteners
I have no idea what people are thinking whenever they put artificial flavored sweeteners in trick or treat bags. Maybe they think it really helps them. Oh yes, I’ll have my chocolate bar and sprinkle some tasty artificial flavoring on top of it please. I am sure that the kids will all jump for joy and try to grab the chocolate bar out of my hands.



5. Razor Blades and even Apple Razor Blades
There are so many wrong things about giving a child a razor blade at Halloween time. You might think that it’s funny, but it’s not. Worst yet, putting an apple in a bag with a razor blade in it is a terrible thing to do. They could easily hurt themselves. Another thing is you also don’t know what a child might have experienced in their life and it could cause them to have bad nightmares. Be cool and have it for just a Halloween decoration instead of putting it in their bags.



4. Any kind of veggie
I don’t care if it’s carrots, broccoli, peas or asparagus. Putting veggies in a trick or treat bag will get you disliked fast. What kid wants to receive carrots at Halloween time instead of candy? I think that receiving veggies during Halloween time might be even worse than receiving fruit.



3. Generic Pencils
If you’re insisted on not giving them candy during Halloween but want to give them pencils instead, look into buying some really cool pencils, not the boring generic pencils. Receiving a pencil at Halloween time is boring enough. Instead of giving out generic pencils for Halloween, what you could do is take them to Goodwill or donate them to a school and let them decide who needs them the most.


2. Toothbrushes or other dental related items
I can remember receiving a toothbrush as a kid in my trick or treat bag. I just tossed it aside and quickly forgot about it. These days, other children receive dental floss, toothpaste and other dental items. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you received a toothbrush instead of candy at Halloween time?



1. Anything that’s not actually candy
If it’s not candy, don’t put it in a trick or treat bag. This includes hot sauce packets, coupons and even religious pamphlets. It’s easy enough to buy one of the big cheap Halloween candy bags that has a mix of candy in them. If money is a problem you can always go to the dollar store or even on Craigslist and see if someone is feeling generous.


What candy was one of the worst Halloween candies you received as a child in your Halloween trick or treat bag? Maybe it wasn’t even in your bag but one that your neighbors just tossed to you as you walked by them.