Halloween is approaching fast. You might find yourself wanting to stand out in the crowd with a scary date. Be careful of who you decide to take with you on Halloween night. If you’re wanting to just scare a few good friends you might end up deciding that it could be best to go alone. Maybe you just want to go out on a date when it’s not Halloween time. The right kind of girl can make you feel great regardless of what time of year it might be.

Check out these 10 Sexy Scary Girl Villains You Do Not Want To Date

10. The Fighter aka Giganta
Giganta is known to be a super villain with DC Comics. She’s the enemy of the famous Wonder Woman. She can get very scary when she is upset. If you find yourself with a girl who is always angry or full of rage constantly, back away. Some men can tread around the temper but just be careful. If you’re scared of how she’ll act in a crowd, there’s your sign to go by yourself.



9. The cold shoulder girlfriend aka The Killer Frost super female villain
No matter what you do, she always gives you the cold shoulder. You try to shower her with roses or flowers, and she just glares at you. She might not be boiling with anger like Giganta but you for sure the coldness in the room when she’s around. Not even a cup of hot chocolate might make her feel better. If you find that she doesn’t warm up to you in time or change her attitude, you might consider looking for a new girlfriend or date.



8. The snoopy detective aka Marvel Comics Black Cat
You might think having a girlfriend that checks in on you all the time is cool but it can be overwhelming. She might consider herself a great detective and might do whatever it takes to check in on you.  She might even be turning into the super villain Marvel comics Black Cat who is known for cat burglary and other things. She might have other reasons as to why she’s playing snoopy detective and asking you tons of questions. She might even appear to be truthful and even loyal, but just be careful and watch out for your phone.



7. The dominating girlfriend aka Cruella De Vil the cartoon villain
Cruella De Vil is one of the most famous known cartoon villains. She wanted that fur coat and would do anything to get it. If your girlfriend or date is controlling you, bossy or either has lots of expectations from you then be careful. She might be willing to test your limits with pushing you over the edge to get whatever she wants in life. She might think it’s cool to be the boss but in the end, it’s best for you to control your own life and not her. Just remember that when you’re around her.



6. The girl who never apologizes for her mistakes aka Mystique
I don’t know about you, but I love Mystique. She’s a super villain that was published by Marvel Comics. She’s powerful. She will do whatever it takes to please Magneto. However, you would never catch her apologizing for any mistakes that she’s done. She is known as a shape shifter and assassinated many important people that happened to be involved with the mutant affairs. If your girlfriend never apologizes for her mistakes even though she’s loyal to you, then you might want to think twice about her. She might even end up giving you the silent treatment instead of just apologizing. She won’t accept it when she’s done something wrong. She might seem very fun and loyal but could be egoistic. She will do whatever it takes to break you instead of accepting when she’s been defeated.



5. The Spoiled Girl aka Angelica from The Rugrats (Yes, another cartoon girl villain)
She might consider herself a princess but she’s a spoiled girl that everyone avoids. Angelica from the Rugrats might be a kid but I am sure that you all must know that one female that’s a spoiled brat and acts like a girl regardless of her age. The worst thing about Angelica is that not only is she spoiled but she’s also evil. Just because your woman might look sexy and wear the most expensive clothes doesn’t actually mean she’s nice.

THE RUGRATS MOVIE, Angelica Pickles, 1998, (c)Paramount


4. The girl who whines aka Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty
I am sure that you’re surprised to see Maleficent as a whiner but she was. She not only whined a lot but she was very jealous of Aurora. Maleficent was always dark and never said anything positive. If you have a date who whines, you’ll find yourself tired quick. Her negativity might drain you. If you’re around her for too long then be careful. You might find yourself never looking at anything on the bright side of life again.



3. The girlfriend who is obsessive possessive and manipulates you aka Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy is one of the greatest female villains out there. She can manipulate Mother Earth and whatever she wants, she can get. She’s extremely sexy. You might find her flattering at first. She could want you to go with her everywhere. She slowly manipulates you but watch out. You might never be alone again.



2. The one who uses you aka The Enchantress
Enchantress is a sexy female DC Comic character. She’s been a mixture of being both a super villain and a super hero at the same time. She looks sexy and beautiful and knows it. She can use her magic to use you in any way she wants. She can manipulate men just as bad as Poison Ivy. Hopefully you’ll never end up on a blind date with the Enchantress and Poison Ivy at the same time.



1.The girl who clings aka Ursula the Sea Witch
Alright, so maybe not all of them might be sexy. Ursula was not only clingy with Ariel but she tried to manipulate her as much as possible. She made lots of empty promises in hopes that she could collect the soul she had. When a girl is clingy, they might appear to be nice at first. Ursula was tempting and said whatever she could to get her way. When a girl starts becoming clingy she’ll do whatever it takes to be involved with your entire life. She’ll slowly start to suffocate your soul and possibly take it, so be careful.



If you find yourself with a girl that has one of these traits, you might have to man up and break up with her in a gentle way.