We all know that Black Friday sales fights is just bound to happen. This time of year people go crazy in order to save a few bucks. These are 10 videos of Black Friday sales fights for 2015 where people just went crazy. Viewer discretion advised on these videos because some of the fights can get very nasty and can contain language from it. These days I tend to stay home and avoid all of the Black Friday sales madness and just try to catch deals online. Sometimes you can’t find the deals online and forced to go out and get them.

Check out these 10 Black Friday Sales Fights 2015 Viewer Discretion Advised

10. Black Friday Fight Compilation of the Mall and Walmart

Here’s some of the craziest Black Friday fights that’s happened so far this year. Everything might seem peaceful then suddenly it turns crazy. Check out this compilation of crazy Black Friday sales fights for 2015 at Walmart and throughout different malls.


9. Black Friday Fight Customers Vs Police Officers

This one is rather epic. Black Friday Walmart customers fighting with the police officers. In the end, you really don’t even know what for sure they’re fighting about but it looks like the cops got a handle over the situation and won. One word of advise. No sale is worth getting arrested over.


8. Another Black Friday day fight at the Mall

The video on this one isn’t that great but the fight is intense for a few seconds. It seems as if these are just adults acting like children. The good news about this fight is that it didn’t last for very long.

7. Black Friday Fight Two Women Fight Over TV

They must really want that TV. I know that sometimes getting a good deal is great but just remember that in a few days you might be able to order that TV online somewhere else at a great price. Everyone needs to take some chill pills, specifically these two women.


6. Crazy Black Friday madness at Walmart

No words for this. Just another reminder as to why I stay at home during Black Friday sales.

5. Black Friday Walmart Fight Over $5 headphones

I’m beginning to think that Walmart must have some of the best Black Friday fights. I was shocked at how these people just went crazy over $5 headphones. I am also disturbed that the parent took his kids to Walmart and knew a fight was coming but instead of getting out, stayed their in order just to catch the fight and also put his kids in danger at the same time. What’s wrong with people these days?

4. Black Friday Fight

It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Asian or another race. Never keep laughing when someone looks mad. You don’t know what kind of day that they have had. You also never keep laughing when it’s Black Friday. It’s almost as if these two were hoping for something to happen so they could record it but I think they weren’t exactly expecting for this to happen.

3. Black Friday fight at Victoria Secrets

Of course, we think that all of the best fights take place at Wal-Mart. However, this year there was also a fight that happened at Victoria Secrets so no place is safe from the madness. The fight didn’t seem to last for very long. Gotta get those lingerie Black Friday deals at Victoria Secrets no matter what the cost! However, I don’t think your lover might be impressed if you come home with a black eye over them.

2. Black Friday Fight Madness 

This is complete madness! The video is short but it shows all of the craziness that happens on Black Friday. Lots of people, lots of deals and lots of them not caring about what they do in order to get that deal. This is another fight that didn’t happen at Wal-Mart as you can tell it happened elsewhere. I think that no place is really safe on Black Friday. You think you might be going to a safe place but then you get there, and the madness has just started.


1.15 Minutes of Black Friday Fight Madness

If you can’t get enough of the Black Friday madness then check out this 15 minute video of all of the major 2015 Black Friday fights compiled together. People wait outside for hours for the stores to open. The problem is that the specials only seem to be available while the supplies last. This is when the fights start to break out when they realize that they might not get that deal they wanted if the supplies sale out. Check out these crazy Black Friday day fights.


If you’re going to venture out this holiday season then you might want to check out this video on How To Survive Black Friday. The reason why is these tips not only come in handy for Black Friday but can help you when you’re shopping during the holiday season or throughout the year.


How did you survive this years Black Friday madness? Did you get any specials? Did you see any fights? Just remember that most of the stuff you can get online even if the sales do run out at the local store. It’s not worth getting into fights over and arrested or worst yet, even getting killed over. Be kind and sweet always regardless of what is happening. Don’t troll a person if they look mad or push them to do something that they don’t want to happen.