Have you ever felt that no matter what you do you can’t turn your guy on? Maybe the problem is you’re trying to do things the old fashioned way instead of finding a new way to turn him on. When you’re in a standstill with your relationship then you might consider a change to spice things up again. Taking them out for a romantic dinner is one way to turn them on but doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll win his heart over.

Check out these Top 10 Weird Things That Turn Men On and Bonus 10 Sexy Females For Men

10. Hot chicks driving
Some men get turned on just when you’re driving. You never know when you’re driving down the road and suddenly you might meet the love of your life. The only problem is later you might have to drive and look very sexy again in order to turn him on. Think about when you first met up with your partner. It was that moment you both locked eyes at the red light and he had to chase you down and make sure there was a way to contact you.

9. Chicks smoking cigarettes
I know of a few women who get turned on when watching men smoke. There’s just something sexy about seeing a guy smoking sometimes. Maybe it just shows their confidence and makes their sexiness stand out more. Just like how women get turned on with guys smoking, men get turned on with women smoking. Sometimes a woman smoking a cigarette isn’t good enough. They might only get turned on by women smoking cigars.

8. Stretch marks on boobs
Yes, you read that correctly. It doesn’t matter how big or small your boobs might be but if they have stretch marks on them then a guy might get turned on. Don’t hide those stretch marks on your boobs. They can be very beautiful to some guys. Hiding them might only cause the guy you’re with to be extremely disappointed. If you have to hide your stretch marks on your boobs then maybe he isn’t the guy for you.

7. When women cry
There are a few men that like to help with saving a woman and they might get turned on when they see her cry. He knows that the only way a woman might stop is if he is able to comfort and help her. This makes them feel good. Don’t hold your emotions back in. Let those tears out. You never know but it could save your relationship with him.

6. Chicks wearing lingerie
Do you find yourself always avoiding the lingerie area thinking you might not look good in those clothes? Well, then just stop! Go and buy some new lingerie and spice up your relationship with your partner. This isn’t a weird fetish that turns men on but it’s a fact that some women have problems with wearing lingerie. Get over it, and go look sexy for your man tonight.

Marloes Horst in Nordstrom Lingerie 2011
Marloes Horst in Nordstrom Lingerie 2011


5. Dress up as their favorite super hero
Maybe lingerie isn’t the thing that turns them on. If they watch action movies a lot and have a favorite super hero they might actually dream of you turning into one. Go ahead and fulfill their fantasy. It’s easy becoming a super hero. You can buy almost any kind of super hero costume online and totally surprise your man.

4. Chicks that fart and burp turn some men on
Ladies, there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed of letting that burp out or ripping out that fart. Some men get really turned on by this. If you’ve been going in your room or bathroom whenever you feel the need to fart, then this might be your problem. If your man talks about farts often then you should know that you have nothing to be embarrassed about with him. Go ahead and make him proud.

3. Chicks working out without clothes on
If you love working out and possibly met your lover at the gym then maybe the problem is that you’re working out with clothes on. Go ahead and take those off and see what kind of reaction you get. Maybe the two of you can have a nice hot shower together after the workout at home. Use your marbles of course and only take your clothes off when doing a workout at home.


2. Girls who look 5 years old but really much older
If you have long hair then go ahead and turn on that sweet innocent look. Wear ponytails or braid your hair. Wear fuzzy pink clothes at night and sleep with your teddy bear. Some men just love it when a woman looks way younger than her age but actually much older. If you love sleeping with a teddy bear at night then don’t stop just because you’re with your man. Go ahead and get that teddy out. It could just be the thing that turns him on.

1. Eating bacon
Eating bacon turns men on. A woman eating bacon is sexy. However, if you don’t like bacon there are lots of other food options that might turn a man on such as a banana or candy. If your man still isn’t turned on by the end of the day, might need to take those clothes off when eating bacon.

Never be afraid to try something new. It might just be the thing that saves your relationship.