There are many weird facts about Presidents we don’t know anything about or might not of heard of before. Almost all of the presidents have some weird facts about them. Did you know that President Lyndon B. Johnson was a womanizer? He actually had so many affairs when president that the aides he had called them his harem. This is just one of the many weird facts about the presidents we have had in the past.

Check out these 10 Weird Facts about The USA Presidents

10. President Andrew Johnson would sometimes drink
President Andrew Jackson actually was wasted when he was doing his inauguration. What was so weird about this is that he was not known to be one who would drink very excessively nor even use drugs. He got drunk because he ended up drinking a lot of whiskey before the inauguration. He was so drunk that everyone was able to tell it and he couldn’t hide the fact he had been drinking.

9. President Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler
I am sure that it shocked everyone that President Abraham Lincoln did not go after the career as a wrestler. When he was he was a wrestler and loved being in the ring. He was actually only defeated once when he was in the ring out of 300 matches he did. He won all of the other matches despite the one that he lost. He was very well known and respected wrestler.

8. President Warren G. Harding gambled
People knew that President Warren G Harding gambled. What some people might not have known was that he actually was a horrible gambler. One time when he gambled he ended up actually losing the White House’s china collection. It was a very deep loss to him and it surprised everyone when he lost the collection due to gambling.

7. President Herbert Hoover had two very weird pets
Most presidents love having some kind of pet in the White House. President Hoover had two alligators for pets. He also had a Belgian shepherd dog. However, he was not the only president to have a weird pet. Other weird pets presidents have had include an elephant, raccoon and a mockingbird. I guess when you’re president it doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have!

6. President Jimmy Carter believed in UFOs
If you believe in UFOs then you’re not alone. President Jimmy Carter believed in UFOs. He believed in them so much that back in 1973 he also filed a report because of possibly believing to see a UFO sighting. He might have even made UFOS and aliens more popular because of his belief in them. Who is to argue with the president when they say they believe in UFOs and spotted one?

5. President George W. Bush was head cheerleader
During his senior year, President George W. Bush was the head cheerleader. He attended boarding school and worked very hard in order to become cheerleader. I am sure it surprised the cheerleaders that their head cheerleader became president. They might have asked for his autograph before he became famous around the world.

4. President Gerald Ford was a model and in the NFL team
Just like President George W. Bush probably surprised some of the girls on his cheerleader team, I am sure that President Gerald Ford surprised the people on his NFL team. He was not only in the NFL team but he was also a model. He made his appearance as a model on the cover of Cosmopolitan when he was in college and became very popular for his good looks.

3. President Thomas Jefferson invented the popular swivel chair
We all know that President Thomas Jefferson did a lot good for the nation. One of the many things he accomplished was that he also invented the swivel chair. The swivel chair became so popular that a lot of people use them for their office even today. Back in those days, it was considered to be very luxurious having a swivel chair.

2. President Ulyssess S. Grant was a heavy smoker
When people think about President Grant they might remember him for his writing. However, that was not the only thing that people might remember him by. He was also a very heavy smoker. He would sometimes smoke 20 cigars in just one day. He would also drink heavy at times. Sadly, President Grant did die from throat cancer.

1. President Barack Obama collects comic books
There are many things that we know about President Barack Obama, but one thing that you might not know is that he collects comic books. He is actually considered to be the comic book nerd and has a huge collection of them. He has a lot of favorite comic books but particularly, he loves the Spider-Man.

Just when you think you might know everything there is to know about a president, you discover a fun weird fact about them. Never stop learning about your presidents. Weird facts about the presidents can also create some interesting conversations with your friends and family.