There are times when women talk that men misunderstand or misinterpret what they are saying. It’s not always the man’s fault for misunderstanding it. If you’re a guy and not sure how you should respond then trust your gut and don’t reply. Sometimes a response is not always needed and more so, if you’re not exactly sure what they mean then that is when you don’t say anything.

Check out these 10 Top Things Women Say That Men Often Times Misunderstand

10. Does this make me look fat?
Whenever a woman ask you if something they are wearing makes them look fat, no matter what just say no. Smile and reassure your woman how beautiful she looks. If you don’t like what she’s wearing or if you think it might not be good for her figure then on a different night possibly suggest something else but in a kind way and don’t refer back to the dress and don’t say later that she looks fat in it.

9. Yeah, sure why not, go ahead and do it
Listen to their tone when they say this. Just because they tell you to go ahead and do it, does not mean they really want you to do it. Maybe you want to change dinner plans and she doesn’t want to but doesn’t know how to say it. The best way to figure it out is by listening to the tone of their voice and watch their body language. They really could be fine with changing plans but that’s not always the case. If you see that she doesn’t really want to do something then ask her if she has another idea or for her suggestions.


8. It could be nice…
Have you ever been talking to her and she is in agreement with you and says something like it could be nice? One tip, if she says “could” or even sounds unsure then that often times means just the opposite. Just because she says it could be nice, doesn’t actually mean it’s something that you need to do. Again, it’s all about her body language and tone. If she sounds unsure about it then maybe plan on doing something else.

7. Everything is fine
Here’s another one that is sometimes hard to know for sure if things are fine. Just because she’s saying everything is fine doesn’t actually mean that things are really fine. Things could be just the opposite. If you’re unsure if things are fine see how you might can quietly help her. Maybe just spend more time with her or try to help with getting her to laugh. She might just need to have a fun evening.

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6. Whatever you think is fine with me
Maybe they just don’t know what to think or say at that time so they say whatever you think is fine by me or whatever you want to do is fine. Just because she gives you the freedom to do whatever you want doesn’t actually mean that you should. Pay close attention to how she says it. Ask her advice and see if she would like to join in on whatever you’re doing. If she doesn’t then you might want to reconsider what you’re doing.


5. Whatever, don’t worry about it
You possibly could have done something wrong or maybe did something she asked you too and doesn’t like it but won’t let you know. Sometimes the best thing to do is just let situations slide and go on unless if you know of a way to fix it. Don’t apologize for it over and over if you see she’s ready to just drop it and move on. However, saying I’m sorry at least once might help out depending on what all happened.


4. Thanks so very much
You can almost hear the sarcasm in her voice when she’s thanking you. Just because she is saying thank you doesn’t mean she’s appreciative over what you’ve done. Whatever you do, don’t respond back with saying thank you because then that might make her even more upset. Just try to back off and give her some space.

3. I don’t care where we go tonight
Many times women will tell their man they don’t care about what restaurant they might go too that night. However, it’s important to know that often times they really do care. If you’ve been going to just your favorite restaurants lately then possibly pick out a restaurant she might enjoy. She might even just want to stay home for the evening. Make sure she really wants to go out before having a night out in town.

2. I don’t feel like a hug right now
She might back off and say she doesn’t feel like a hug right now. Just gently hold her hand or reassure her that you care for her. Sometimes she still might really want you to hug her. Being gentle is the best way to go. Possibly watch a good movie that could cheer her up and help you get in some nice cuddles with her.

1. I’m not upset
Women often times will say they are not upset when deep down they are boiling. They could be very angry but try to not show it around you. If they say it with sarcasm then know they are indeed upset. It’s almost about the same as saying that they are fine. You know they are upset and not fine. You might either need to talk with them or give them space depending on your current situation.

It’s all about communication and getting to understand her. Watch her body language and see what she might say between the lines. If you make a mistake, apologize learn from it and try to let the relationship grow. Don’t walk out on the first mistake you make. It’s all about learning and seeing how you can understand her better so that the two of you can become even closer.