Easter will soon be here. This is a Christian holiday that is celebrated around the world. It’s all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The holiday is filled with remembrance and yet at the same time, families come together to have some fun, go on Easter egg hunts and have lots of candy and good food. Many dishes are made in the shape of the cross as part of the remembrance. There are lots of interesting facts about Easter that you might not even know and could cause for interesting conversations at the Easter table.

Check out these 10 Interesting Fun Facts about Easter

10. Medieval English Kings had eggs colored
Back during the days of the medieval kings, they had Easter eggs colored. Their idea of coloring Easter eggs was somewhat different then what we do today. Their eggs were gold leafed and they had hundreds of them decorated. Once they were decorated they were then put throughout the royal home at Easter time. It was a very beautiful time for them with so many incredible Easter eggs throughout their house.



9. The word Easter is actually from Goddess Eostre
A lot of people get confused about the word Easter. They believe that it has something to do with Jesus. In fact, the word Easter actually comes from the Goddess Eostre. She was the mother goddess of the Saxons from Northern Europe. According to the Grimm, they viewed her as the goddess of spring and growing light. However, the honor and celebrations for Eostre seem to have died out and replaced by the resurrection of Jesus.

8. Marshmallow Peeps
If you’re interested in what candy is the most popular one at Easter time, studies show that the Marshmallow Peep is one of the most beloved Easter candies. People tend to buy these and use them for decorations and other things. Marshmallow Peeps have had all kinds of weird things done to them, including being blended and put in the microwave.


7. Double-yolked eggs mean good luck
On Easter, if you find a double-yolked egg then that means good luck is coming your way soon. It is believed that a double-yolk find is good luck year round but even more so on Easter. A lot of expectations will double and plenty of good fortune might be coming soon. However, according to Norse mythology they believe that a double-yolk find means that while all of these good things could be happening a death might also happen in the family very soon so embrace yourself for a mixture of things.

Double yolk egg


6. The Chocolate Easter Bunnies craze
While Marshmallow Peeps might be popular during Easter time, the candy manufactures also get busy with producing over ninety million chocolate Easter bunnies. Research shows that the most popular Easter bunny sold is the chocolate bunnies followed by the marshmallow chocolate bunnies and the hollow chocolate bunnies. People buy these bunnies for Easter baskets and even for gifts with flowers. Another interesting fact, studies show people tend to eat the ears first on the chocolate bunnies.



5. Floral stores get busy this time of year
Flowers and chocolate happens to be a very big thing around Valentine’s Day, Christmas and on Easter. At least 15% of the floral sales are made between Passover and Easter. Don’t forget that people also buy flowers to put on graves during this time. They also buy flowers for Easter as their way of remembering Jesus. There’s a variety of reasons as to why people buy flowers this time of year.

Easter Holiday flowers bunch with colourful eggs . Beautiful Colorful tulips flowers bouquet decorated with painted handmade eggs. Happy Easter art design. Springtime, Sunflare
Easter Holiday flowers bunch with colourful eggs . Beautiful Colorful tulips flowers bouquet decorated with painted handmade eggs. Happy Easter art design. Springtime, Sunflare  flowermeaning.com

4. Churches use Evergreens at Easter time
Many churches use Evergreens at Easter time. Have you ever wondered as to why they did? The reason why is because Evergreens according to tradition resemble the symbol of eternal life. They are embroidered in red and on white. They can also be woven in straws. These days, churches can also use displays of flowers in green, yellow or white spring colors to help with the symbol of eternal life. Each church does it differently.


Eco Easter Japanese Evergreen Iris


3. In 2007 one of the most expensive Easter eggs was sold
In 2007, there was an Easter egg that was covered in diamonds. The egg sold for around $13.4 million. What makes this egg so unique is that every hour, there’s a cockerel that’s made of jewels and it pops up from the top of the Faberge egg and then flaps its wings exactly 4 times. After flapping its wings it nods the head three times and makes a crowing sound. A Russian royal family made the egg as part of the gift for French Aristocrat Baron Edouard de Rothschild.


2. How Easter was celebrated in England
In England, they would open up their windows and their doors on Easter Sunday. The reason why is so that the sun would come in and drive out any possible evil that could be within the doors. They also believed that if it rained on Easter morning they felt it would rain the next 7 Sundays.

1. How the Easter Parade was started
In the 19th century, women would attend the Easter Services at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Those women would then stroll up the 5th Avenue and show off their new Easter bonnets. Many of them would work hard and save in order to have their bonnets for Easter. The Easter Parade started because of the women loving their bonnets so much and showing them off.

Easter is a fun holiday. If you spend it by yourself try having some fun by just doing some fancy cooking by yourself or watching the Easter parade on TV.