Time goes by fast. Something that we loved as a child or either hated, can quickly be forgotten. A few of these crazy retro creations might bring back some memories for a few of you. Others might even be shocked to know that you missed out on some of these crazy creations.

Check out these 10 Crazy Retro Creations That We Have Forgotten

10. The Cascade game
It felt like the *only* electronic game for a decade; “Cascade” from Matchbox featured a screw like mechanism that, due to on-going friction, smelled of perishing rubber. Little metal ball bearings careered around a perpetual circuit, amassing a very confusing score, until somebody (usually you) won or the choking hazard bore too much temptation.

9. Milk Tray Bar
Not to be confused with the Milky Bar Kid, this innovative marketing ploy from yesteryear was a whole ‘box’ of chocs in a single ‘bar’ format.  Wowser, no need to share with Granny this time! Ten completely different flavored bubbles all welded together in the same sickly block of chocolate – and not a hot shelf in sight!

8. Stylophone
Ok, here we have a futuristic musical instrument from the 70s that today would merely resemble the dying beeps from your mobile phone.  It could *beep* or with a bit more effort it could enter full *vibrato* mode – a slightly more shrilling tone (and now more fondly remembered than the celebrity on the lid of the box).

7. Cabbage Patch Dolls
The dolls made from cast-off tights? Meant to actually look real whilst borne from cabbages; this was the first must-have toy to really induced fights on Xmas Eve – between the shoppers – before you and your  siblings even got a look in. So sinister-looking, it has never been beyond the product to ‘spawn’ for each new generation.

6. Austin Allegro Steering Wheel
It was square. Yes, you heard me right first time. Square. More leg room for Dad, they said.  It was a selling point, they said.  Purchasing one seemed to confirm just one thing though… yep, you too, were Square Dad.

5. Buttoneer
For those moments when the secretary accidentally tore off his shirt in a fit of passion, hopefully along with the kipper tie, Ronco brought your Dad The Buttoneer!  Little plastic tags were nimbly fired through the hole of the button – fixing it to the shirt – without the need for needle or thread. But where’s the convincing back-story?

4. Insect Lollipops
Candy with bugs?  Bleeuuggh!!  Perhaps best not remembered!

3. Ping Pong TV game
Remember the tantrums it took before your parents forked out for this? Were they worth it? The first and classic video game that took just minutes to hate/regret! Came in tennis and squash varieties: for you and any random idiot that you could string-along to endure. Less addictive than kicking a ball against the Church wall!

2. Stilts
Tended to be rough, brittle and incompetently homemade, but at one time even toddlers skipped the less-important lessons in life to take up the bruising activity. Just months after learning how not to wobble – there they were – familiarizing themselves with crashing into the piano again! Had to stand on the piano, you see, to reach the three foot high stilts.
Here’s a better version of the stilts…

1. X-ray specs
Back in the day when it was ok to be an open voyeur, these plastic frames with spiraled cardboard lenses were a simple joke for the kids. But saddled with a stigma commonly reserved for Ouija boards if you were lucky, the fun was convincing Cousin Mary that they worked.

These days we can take pictures of those creations we love but couldn’t so much back in those days. Doesn’t it make you wish we could have had the chance to have more pictures done with those awesome insane creations?