Guys, are you looking for a weird way to ask your woman out? I know it can be difficult to ask the woman of your dreams out. Asking them out in a different way might help them with saying yes plus make it memorable for both you and her! Women, are you curious as to how a guy might ask you out or might want to give them hints as to how you want them to ask you out? This might help you.

Check out these 10 Weird Ways Guys Ask Women Out and How They Should Reply

10. The Lottery Ticket
He’s gotten to know you; he picks six meaningful and personal numbers to make your heart spin, he hands his pocket money over, dreaming of his chances, before scrawling on the back of the ticket: “Hi, Tory…This one’s for you. Good luck! But if it doesn’t win, go out with me to compensate.” You ignore his first move.

9. The Bridge Banner
Daubed frantically in red paint, the artwork looks fresh and intimidating, the clumsy big letters strain to spell out your last name correctly – once he realized there’s more than one Tory racing down the highway at 4.30 every day. Pretend you don’t see it.

8. The T-shirt Proposal
Simple, effective and bold. It’s sweater weather, really, but he’s had his porridge oats. He lingers outside your car and apartment: “Please be my girlfriend.” It’s upfront and casual. Times New Roman font…Looks professional. You sneak out the back door.

7. The Football Announcement
He could have saved this for the marriage proposal but, no, he’s playing his ace card early with this one. Uncle Ted sells hotdogs at the concession stand and that’s his way in. The P.A. system at the under 16’s youth club is a little rusty, but it’s quite clearly him. The guy is unrelentless.

6. The Poem in Strips
Over the course of a week, he systematically approaches you with segments to a passionate prose – specially crafted for the occasion – and cut into elegant little strips to be assembled in private. Cryptic stuff for the developing brain to master: you know now that he needs help. Now it’s up to you as if you say yes.

5. Fortune cookies
The mystique of the orient delivers that all important question, straight after the ice cream sundae…You’re there with friends. He’s tagged along. He nags incessantly for you to open it. You don’t see the point. Fortune cookie, pffft. And so he slips it into your bag – for you to open one boring afternoon in 2024.

4. A Message from Your Pet
He kidnaps your poodle (well, not really kidnap) while it’s at the puppy parlor. He ties his message of intent to the beloved pet’s collar: a friendly nuzzle and a wagging tail great you, before you read his chaotic ramble, and get 24 hour security and a court injunction against him.


3. The Big Screen
“Hi, Tory, you know that I fancy you…and I love to do it in the dark”. It has cost him big Hollywood bucks for the 30 second trailer. He bribed your little sister to drag you to the Saturday matinee of The Lion King. But a cinematic production is not against the court order.

2. Sinister Note at the Door
“Why won’t you be my girlfriend, dammit?” The note is inexplicably pirate-themed and held to the door by burnt scotch tape. You remove it immediately, marking it as evidence for the CSI team. Fingerprints, fibers and handwriting analysis; dumb move, matey.

1. The Terrifying Screensaver
He’s on your laptop and he’s in your home. But it’s the Windows 8 edition so his plans are doomed. He has a quiet weep to himself, leaving snot on the screen. That’s DNA…Defeated, he decides that it wasn’t meant to be – before he has chance to infect your whole system with Justin Bieber. He will probably ask you via a homemade screensaver.

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Fear often times holds men back and you’ve just got to get over your fear with asking her out. You never know until you ask.