Today is cupcake day and in honor of cupcake day I thought I would post some of the best cupcake memes online. People of all ages love cupcakes. What’s so awesome about cupcakes is that there’s a huge variety of them. You can find anything from chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles to crazy cupcake designs with lots of frosting on them. It all depends as to what kind of cupcake you want and what you might like with your cupcake.

Check out these 10 Funny Cupcake Memes

10. Oh the horrible, horrible, delightful things I will do with you today
Can you feel the power of the cupcake with her? I am not so sure if it’s a good or bad idea for her to have this cupcake. Can you imagine the sugar rush she’s going to get from it?

9. Two Girls one Cupcake
I am sure that this is the dream of most men. Can you imagine if there was just one cupcake for two girls? I think that the boy in the background is enjoying this way too much or maybe he isn’t. Hard to tell with that expression on this face.

8. Oh Cupcake, You so silly
I think that at this point most of the women would not even be looking at the cupcake. He can have it. Let us just watch in silence as he eats the cupcake in hopes that he will flex his muscles some.

7. After I steal everyone’s cupcake I’ll blame it on the dog!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could steal everyone’s cupcake and blame it on the dog? You never know. They might actually think that the dog ate those cupcakes. Go for it and see what happens.

6. We can be friends….Just don’t touch my cupcake!
If you touch my cupcake we can no longer be friends. I worked hard to get this cupcake and this cupcake is mine. If you want a cupcake you’re on your own. This is my cupcake, you hear me? But on the bright side…it looks like we can still be friends because you got the message…I think..


5. Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere…
I would think that it is a very good thing if I saw cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere…however, someone else might disagree.

4. My Diet Plan: Make all my friends cupcakes, the fatter they get, the thinner I look…
What a brilliant diet plan this is right here. If you’re struggling with weight loss this year then maybe all you need to do is just make your friends cupcakes but be sure that you don’t eat them yourself or you might not get skinny.

3. Cupcakes are bad for you? False. Cupcakes contain dairy, wheat, protein and love 
If anyone ever tries to tell you that cupcakes are bad for you just remember this right here. Cupcakes are not bad for you. They contain dairy, wheat, protein and love. In my book those are good things so therefore, a cupcake is not bad for you.

2. Mini Cupcakes, ain’t nobody got time for that!
Seriously, if someone handed me a mini cupcake I would just look at them like they were crazy. What’s the point of a mini cupcake? A mini cupcake is just a tease.

1. I found a cupcake for your birthday…but I eated them
How can you be mad at the cat for eating your cupcake on your birthday? I can so totally see something like this happening. If you’re hoping for a cupcake for your birthday then you might be better just getting it for yourself. A cupcake birthday gift is very hard to get!

Bonus cupcake meme…
because we all know it’s true…

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