Tax season causes a lot of headache and stress. You find yourself worrying about money and if you’ll be getting anything back or having to pay off taxes. There are lots of helpful tax tips online such as if you need to pay a dividend the one thing to remember is that dividends can have a lower tax rate compared to a salary. Dividends might only pay around 31% on taxes. This is just one of the things to keep in mind. During tax time, it can be very difficult to keep a sense of humor. You might find yourself yelling and swearing at things that you normally do not do. Stress from taxes might even cause you to get sick and cause your immune system to go down. This is why laughter is important right now.

Humor is good throughout the year but perhaps even more so it’s important during winter and tax season. It can help with making sure you don’t snap and even help you with boosting up your immune system instead of bringing it down. How do you stay happy and healthy during tax season? Looking at funny online tax quotes memes and pictures can help you for starters. Share them with your friends and family and help them laugh with you. There’s lots of famous tax quotes online by famous people that you might already know but could have forgotten.

Check out these 10 Funny Tax Quotes Online Memes

10. Before and after tax effect
I think that we can all relate to the feeling you feel before you’re doing the taxes then the feeling you have after. Let’s hope we all look like that after taxes is done this year.

9. Why pay taxes
I have often wondered about this myself. Why should we even pay taxes? All they need to do is just print more money out. Why do we have to pay taxes when that can be done? I mean seriously, stop and think about it and tell me if you disagree.


8. Beer Money
We all know that most of the time people want that tax return for more beer money right? If not for beer money you might be wanting it to take a vacation in order to drink beer at a luxurious place. Regardless, in the end it’s still for beer money no matter how you spin it.


7. No Time to Pay Taxes
Deep down, we all wish that we could really say this. Pay income taxes?!?! Seriously, who has time for that? Maybe this is why some of you never actually pay your taxes because you just don’t have enough time to do it.

6. Brace yourself
We all know this is how most of us feel when tax season is coming. You have to prepare yourself for anything. No wonder you use the tax money refund for more beer. Maybe you deserve it because you actually did your taxes online.

5. Amazing feeling when the taxes comes in
After all the stress and frustration from doing the taxes just remember this. When you are finished doing the taxes and filling out those W-2s think about the tax refund you’ll be getting afterwards then you’ll be smiling like him and know it’s worth getting that in the mail.


4. Never work except during tax season
Don’t you wish that you could say that you never work except for 80 hours during tax season? Maybe you’re lucky enough that your work doesn’t feel like work until it’s time to do taxes.


3. Only one bad swear word
I think that I agree with this one. I think that taxes is the only swear word in the book. Maybe we have the swear words all wrong and need to rethink this. I think that this is one of the funniest tax quotes online. You say taxes then I am sure a string of lots of other bad words follow that one word.

2. Tax Refund Depleted
OMG, you know this one is the truth! This is what happens your tax refund is depleted. Enough said. This is everyone’s nightmare and one they want to avoid at all cost. What t would you do if your taxes came back depleted?


  1. Most famous tax quotes question ever
    What are you buying when you get your tax refund back? The look on your face I think answers my question as to what you’re getting but I won’t let anyone know. Your secret is safe with me.

    Hopefully some of these tax quotes online meme’s helped you with smiling some. Just remember to try and not take things too serious during tax season. Work on boosting up your immune system and looking after your health. Be sure that you get plenty of sleep o help you with the focus you will need to have when you are filling out your tax forms.