Planning a social event or party? Maybe you have lots of summer plans that involve having the guests over. There’s nothing more aggravating then looking around and noticing that you need to clean before they arrive. What all should you do to have your home cleaned properly?

Check out these 10 Fast Ways to Clean Your Home Before Guests Arrive

10. Srub your windows fast

A lot of people tend to forget to clean their windows but I have been in homes and windows tend to be the first thing I look at sometimes. Scrub your windows fast. All you need is to have a proper cleaning spray to get rid of the stains that might be on your windows. This way if your guests look out the window while they are there then you won’t have to feel embarrassed about how dirty they might look.

  1. Look around and just clean

You don’t have time to waste. Just simply dust what might be dirty. Glancing around and noticing dirty spots means for you to clean that area fast. If you stop and think about it too long then your guests might be there before you know it and you might not have accomplished anything at all. Overthinking things can be a huge problem with cleaning and might make the task seem way worse than it might even be.

  1. Check out your cupboards

If you have toys scattered through your home reserve a couple of your cupboards for those toys. Maybe you don’t have time for the children to clean them up and put them away. Worry about that later when the guest might be gone. Just throw those toys in the cupboard and don’t stress too much about them.

  1. Clean with music on

Believe it or not, if you’re pressed for time then cleaning with the music on can help you clean much faster. Turn up music that gets you moving. I often times find that dance music is the best for this but whatever gets you going and moving fast. Don’t have it up so loud that you don’t hear the doorbell ring for when the guests arrive.

  1. Brush off the sofa and chairs

It can take a lot of time cleaning the sofa and chairs. If you find yourself stressed out about them then just take a brush and quickly go over the spots that stand out the most. Scrub any spots that might be obvious. However, brushing them tends to be the fastest way.

  1. Brush hairs off the carpet

The one thing that you want to do if you can’t do anything else is to clean the carpet. You can easily just brush off or sweep any hairs that you see on the carpet. Hairs tend to be the most noticeable thing on the carpet. Just get a brush that’s medium stiffed and bristled to help with cleaning the hairs from your carpet.

  1. Throw things in one pile

Separating your trash into different bins might be a bad idea and more so if you’re running out of time. Instead of separating your trash, try and find one bin that’s near you or grab a trash bag and put everything in one big. This will make it easier for you to throw things outside. You also might accidently forget that you had a bag and leave it there and the guests could see it. How embarrassing that might be if they see a trash bag in your home that’s open and smelling the room up.

  1. Kill off smells with lemon juice or baking soda

Kill smells off fast with using lemon juice or baking soda. If you don’t have any air freshener around this is the best way to get rid of unwanted smells. Do not make the mistake with adding a lot of the smell to the room. All you need is just to find the source from where the smell is coming from and sprinkle just a small amount around it. This way it won’t be so obvious that you used it. Be sensitive to your guests in regards with smell because some of them might have sensitives to these kinds of smells.

  1. Mop bathroom floors

Time is ticking and you’re worried about the floors. If you cannot mop any other floors make sure that you mop your bathroom floors. You stand a high chance of a guest going in the bathroom and that is one thing they will notice. All you need to do is just quickly mop them and don’t have to worry about even scrubbing them. Just try and get the dirty spots removed before the guests arrive.

  1. Vacuum parts that might be important

This is another mistake that many make. They get overwhelmed with vacuuming and still tend to vacuum a lot and spend over an hour just vacuuming and neglecting other parts. Vacuuming is important but if you spend too much time on it then you might not have enough time to do anything else. Keep this in mind when you’re vacuuming. Just focus on parts that might be important and on areas that they might see when they walk in.

Another thing to consider is if you’re really busy you might want to plan ahead of time and look into cleaning services in your area. Some cleaning services can act fast when needed and would be happy to help you out so you know for sure that way your home is clean and ready for when your guest arrive.