People who feel self-empowered often forget that they weren’t born that way. It was something that they had to learn and grow from life experiences. Everyone has a mixture of insecurities plus fears. Out of the storms of life people have learned to take those experiences and empower themselves to become a better person. People don’t feel perfect but you can use your flaws to help others and grow from them.

Check out these 10 Ways You Can Empower Yourself

10. Take Responsibility
You have a choice with adopting criticism from the people around you or either to take responsibility and grow from it. If you allow the criticism to rule your behavior and thoughts it can destroy your life. In the words of Elanor Roosevelt “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Either you can just shrug off the criticism from people or either you can use it and feel good about yourself. Think better of yourself and don’t let it get too you.

9. Be Kind
Go out of your way to be kind. I am sure that you’ve heard this said millions of times but kindness helps to feel better about yourself and at the same time, you’re helping someone else in need. Kindness even includes those times when you need to take a break and have a refreshing shower. Be kind to not only others but even yourself. When your kind to yourself then you’ll find a new strength inside and feel re-energized.

8. Practice Your Posture
Leaning over and having bad posture is not only bad for your back and health but even bad for your self-esteem. People will also see you as being lazy. You don’t see leaders or managers with bad posture. If you do then they are often times not in that position for long. Practice your posture. One excellent habit to get into is standing tall. It doesn’t matter how old you might be, it’s never to early to start learning good posture.

7. Stop talking negative to yourself
Talking negative to yourself can be exhausting. You might not even be aware that you’re doing it. This is where affirmations come in handy. Instead of saying “I won’t do this” switch it with saying “I am doing this”. Have faith in yourself and know that you can do all things. Work very hard on becoming more positive in your life.

6. Support system
It’s important to build a support system that will build you up and not knock you down. Many people that don’t have a good support system at home tend to look online for one. You can find some support on social networks with groups and forums. A support group can help empower you and get you through the hard times.

5. Get rid of clutter
Clutter can become a distraction in your life. Not only can it become a distraction but might even be bad for your health and others. When everything around you is a mess it can even cause poor sleeping  habits and so much more. Try and take a day off work and focus on cleaning and getting rid of that mess.

4. Embrace every day
Each day we get a chance to start new again. Every day is a fresh start and experience. Let go of yesterday and learn from it but don’t let the past keep you down from the future. Let go of the bad mood from yesterday and move forward. Looking back can cause you to miss out on the future blessings that might be ahead for you.

3. Know you might can fail and don’t be afraid of it
People sometimes don’t do things because they are afraid to fail. However, if you’re afraid of failure then that right there can be holding you back. Stop letting fear hold you back. If something happens and you do end up failing or make a mistake, learn from it. You at least can go home with knowing that you tried your best. Who knows what will happen from you trying.

2. Express yourself
Stop trying to impress others and just be yourself. Find a way to express yourself. You can do this with writing, taking pictures or even drawing. This is a great way to unclutter your thoughts and mind. Don’t try and express yourself as a one off and never go back too it. Try and do this consistently. In time you will improve your skills and knowledge.

1. Listen to your heart
The best way to empower yourself is with learning how to listen to your heart. I’m sure this one seems rather obvious but at times it can be very hard to do. People listen to what others say while their heart is saying something else. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. The more you listen to your heart, the easier it will become to say yes too it. People will start looking up to you for advise and help as they see you’re empowering yourself by just simply listening to your heart.


Never give up on yourself. Know each day you have a chance to empower yourself and make a change in someone else’s life. When you give up on yourself you’re not only effecting you but you’re even causing someone else to become effected because you weren’t there to help them. Life is all about growing and learning each day. The most important thing is to continue on the path without stopping and helping one another do the same.