People complain of being short on money a lot and in debt. If you’re one of those struggling and needing to figure out how to save money in 2018, there might be some expenses you can get rid of right now. It won’t always be easy trying to cut back on expenses but sometimes, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do in order to save money. If you cut off some of these expenses you might be surprised and could save up around $100 or more each month depending on how often you do these things.

Check out these 10 Expenses You Can Get Rid Of Right Now

10. Going to the movies
I know it’s fun going out to the movies and something people enjoy really doing. However, if money is really tight you might consider just renting a movie from the red box. There’s also cheaper movies you can rent online, if you must have a movie to watch. If you still want to go to the movies, skip the popcorn and cut money in other ways while you’re at the movies. Make it a special occasion instead of every week.

9. Cell phone usage
This will be tough for some people but it can be done. If you’re in a Wi-Fi hot spot a lot you won’t need too actually use the internet much. You can find very cheap pay as you go mobile phones that will help you to save money. Look up plans like TextNow and see how much money you can save each month. If you can’t cut back on your cell phone usage review your bill and see what you can get rid of that you’re not using right now. Maybe you don’t need that unlimited plan but could get something cheaper.

8. Going to sports events
I can already here a few of you groaning now. However, going to see your favorite sports team regardless of what sport it might be, actually can cost a lot of money. Instead of going to the live sports event maybe go to a friend’s home and watch it on TV. If you’re lucky enough to have the sports bundle with your TV then watch it at home but if not, there’s always other options to check into instead of going to the game.

7. Eating Out
Eating out is a lot of fun but it’s not something that you have to do daily. If you focused really hard you could make your meals at home and save a lot of money by eating at home or either preparing a lunch or dinner with you instead of eating out. You could even take your own drinks and skip buying them from the soda machine.

6. Gasoline
If you have a bike or can walk where you’re going then you might consider doing that and leaving the car at home. Gasoline is very expensive and can add up fast. You might not be able to cut off this expense entirely, so another idea is to maybe car pool with friends and save on gasoline that way. Add up how much gas you get each week and that might cause you to try and find another way to cut back on gasoline expenses.

5. Manicures and Expensive Haircuts
There’s lots of ways in which you can get around manicures and expensive haircuts. You can do your nails by yourself. You can also get a friend to help cut your hair so you won’t have to spend a lot of money at the hair salon. Sure, it’s nice when you can afford it but if you’re trying to cut back on expenses there’s other options available to help you.

4. Luxurious food items
When you’re out grocery shopping and see that fancy food you’ve wanted for awhile hold off on getting it. Put it back. Let that be the one thing that you can get when you’re not in such a tight bind money wise. Treat yourself later too it. Research online for cheaper food options that might be similar to the luxurious item that you want right now.

3. Brand name prescription drugs
I’m not saying to stop prescription drugs but talk with your doctor about generic drugs. There are drugs available that might do the same as your prescription drug that’s name brand but much cheaper. Prescription drugs can cost lots of money but you never know what other options might be available until you ask your doctor.

2. Buying lottery or scratch tickets
You might think there’s nothing wrong with buying that lottery ticket every night and if you win, then it was worth it – right? However, you need to think about your money right now. What if you don’t win anything and spent all of that money and end up more broke then before? Wait until you have money to spare then buy a cheap lottery ticket and not one of the more expensive ones.

1. Getting smokes and alcoholic drinks
Maybe make it a resolution to cut back on smokes and alcoholic drinks in 2018 and save money. Write down how many smokes and drinks you get and the cost of them. It might totally shock you and cause you to stop smoking all together. If you can’t give them up then try to reduce how much you get and save money that way. Your health will be better off without them.

These are just a few ways in which you can save money. There’s lots of other ways but the main thing is you’ve got to want it for yourself and you’ve got to be really serious on wanting to cut back. You must limit and moderate or you’ll never get out of the bind you’re in. If you’re in serious debt talk with a professional and see what they might recommend in order to help you with getting out of it and getting your life back together again.