Dreaming is something that we all do. There’s been a lot of studies on dreams and these studies revealed that dreams tend to be a way for our mind to speak to us in an unconsciousness way. Dreams can also reflect hidden meanings as to what you might be experiencing in real life. Many of us tend to have some of the same common dream but with different meanings.

Check out these 10 Things We All Might See in Dreams

10. Vehicles 

If you dream that you’re in a car that is not in your control then it can have a few different meanings. You could feel as if you have no control over your life right now. Someone else might seem to be in control and it’s time for you to question about the people who you might hang out with daily. Maybe you need to cut off people who control you. Another thing is that it could mean your life is spinning out of control and you’re not sure what direction you should go in. Have you ever dreamed about the smallest car in the world?


9. Water

There’s lots of ways in which we can dream about with water. Sometimes seeing water might feel as if you’re not feeling loved by the people around you. However, other times it could mean that you’re feeling very happy or overwhelmed. Was the water dream of you drowning? Flooding? Maybe you’re swimming happily with friends in it. See, there’s lots of meanings with water in a dream.

8. Kissing people or your pet

Kissing someone in a dream can feel very satisfying. Just remember, it’s a dream. You might feel as if you’re having very strong and intense feelings for a person. This dream might make you feel as if they are having strong feelings for you. Just shake it off before you see them. It might also indicate that the person needs more attention from you. Kissing your pet might just mean you love them and need to spend time with them.

7. Being Trapped

Feeling trapped in a dream can be one of the worst ways ever to wake up. You feel as if you cannot escape and might not have any chances of making it out alive. In life you could feel trapped and like you’re suffocating. You might feel hopeless and like there’s no way for your life to change. Meditate and try to come up with new goals to get over this feeling.

6. Seeing People We Know

It’s very common to dream about people you know. However, often those people might represent something that’s going on in your life right now. It could also just mean you’re missing the other person and need to spend time with them. Give them a call and see how they are doing.

5. Crying

You might dream of yourself crying in a dream. This could mean you’re feeling tired in life and mentally exhausted. It could be time to have a good cry, release the sadness and replace it with some positive thoughts and thinking. Don’t let sadness take over for too long. If you continue to feel sad then you might want to see a therapist to help you.

4. Flying 

Have you been working hard on achieving your dreams? Maybe you’re getting tired of trying to go after them. This might mean it’s time to give yourself an award. Go out and do something fun. This will help you to feel better and renew you. Maybe after you feel renewed you might even be able to find enough strength to come up with ways to finish your goals.

3. Failing Tests

You might have just dreamed that you failed a huge test that you’ve been studying for and hoping to pass. First, calm down and relax. This dream might just confirm that you’re stressed out. It doesn’t mean you’re going to fail it. Don’t let the dream be your fall back. Turn your negative thinking and start seeing yourself passing the test and know you can do it.

2. Death

Dreaming of yourself dying doesn’t mean you’re going to die. Sometimes it’s all about the changes you’re experiencing in life right now. You might even be about to encounter a change in life. These changes might not be bad. You could just not like change and might even be scared of them. Take a few minutes to meditate and let go of your fear and be excited about the future.

1. Falling

One of the most common things that people seem to dream about at some point is falling. Maybe you were walking and just fell. There could be many ways in which you could have falling down in your dream. Do you have some issues in your life right now that could be weighing you down? Maybe it’s issues with work, school or even with relationships. You might also be irritated by something. Often times when you’re falling in a dream you might wake up instantly. It could be a great time to talk with someone you trust with what’s happening in your life right now. Talking with someone might help to also clear your mind.


If you find yourself having the same dream over and over, sit down and meditate. There’s something that your unconscious mind might be trying to tell you. Talk with someone that you feel comfortable with and can trust then tell them about those dreams you’re having. Try to not panic too much about the dreams. Think about the dreams then just let them go.