Winter is a season for a variety of phobias for some people. There are lots of people who tend to stay at home during the winter season due to these phobias. You might not even think that what you have is a phobia or that it’s a very common thing to experience during the winter time. These fears can cause seasonal depression. One of the best ways to overcome these phobias is by first admitting that you have them. After you have admitted you’ll need to talk with your doctor and see if there’s any possible treatment which can help you with being able to overcome the winter blues caused from these winter phobias. A lot of these Winter Phobias can happen at any time but tend to be more common during the winter.

Check out these 10 Winter Phobias

10. Auroraphobia
There is actually a real fear in regards to the Northern Lights. This is known as auroraphobia. The one thing about this fear is that it’s not as common as some of the other winter phobias but it does happen. This fear is based mainly on a bigger phobia of the astronomical phenomena. Throughout history we all know that astrology and astronomy tend to be linked together. Religion has also caused this fear to sometimes surface with phobias related to doomsday. Often times these fears tend to be linked to an overall fear of not knowing what’s going to happen in the future.


9. Cabin Fever
Cabin fever happens to be one of the more known common phobias in the winter time. Stephen King did a great job with portraying Cabin Fever in The Shining. This phobia is mainly caused by the fear of being isolated. However, violence that happened in Cabin Fever often times does not occur but sometimes it does happen. If it does happen it’s mainly caused from a condition that is already pre-existing such as deep depression and restlessness. People often times become afraid of not only isolation but scared they’ll be stuck in the same place for a long time.


8. Cleithrophobia
There are times when people confuse cleithrophobia with claustrophobia. If you feel claustrophobic that generally means you are afraid of spaces that tend to be small. The one thing that is different with cleithrophobia is that it’s people who happen to be afraid of being stuck or locked in a space that it is tiny. This type of phobia might occur at anytime but happens a lot during winter as people become afraid of getting stuck with falling through ice that might be thin of stuck in possible snow.


7. Fear of driving in the winter
Fear of driving in the winter is very common. However, some experience extreme terror with winter driving which causes them often times to stay at home. This fear might happen when a person is not familiar with a place during the winter time. It can also happen to people who could be scared of accidents. Another thing is people who might be from a climate that’s warm might have a fear of driving in the winter because they are not use to it.


6. Anemophobia
Anemophobia is where people feel afraid of the wind and air drafts or just air in general. Some people have a fear of weather changes such as cold fronts and storms. The reason why they are afraid of them is because that might mean a draft or possible strong wind might happen from them. Often times a traumatic event might have occurred that could cause this fear to trigger.


5. Chionophobia
What is chionophobia? It is a fear of the snow, cold weather or either severe weather. Being afraid of water might also sometimes be linked to this fear. The fear can range from mild to even severe. It can cripple people and make them to where they don’t want to go out or do anything in the winter at all because of the snow and cold. They become house bound from being afraid.


4. Cryophobia
What is cryophobia? It is a fear of the cold. Often times this happens during the winter due to the long cold months. Some people will develop a fear of cold temperature in the air. Other people might fear touching objects that could be cold. There are a lot of reasons as to why a person might be afraid of the cold. One of the biggest reasons is because of having a negative association with the cold sensation.

a snowy christmas scene in Canada

3. Emetophobia
Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. This fear occurs a lot during winter because of people getting sick with the cold flu or other stomach viruses. One thing with this fear is that people can have the extreme of it and be scared of vomiting year round which might cause them to not go anywhere. During winter they might also be afraid of crowds from being scared of getting sick which could cause them to vomit. Often times this is also linked with the fear of loss or the fear of not being able to control yourself.


2. Pagophobia
What is Pagophobia? It is the intense fear of frost or ice. Like with having the phobia of the cold, some people who develop this intense fear comes from being in a warm client then suddenly moving to a cold one. Other times it is due just to things that have happened to them when they were younger which might have caused them to be afraid of the fear and ice. Being afraid of the fear and ice is not like having a fear of the cold. These are two different kinds of phobias.


1. Mysophobia
Mysophobia is the fear of germs or either that things might be contaminated. During the cold and winter months were the flu is more rapid people will sometimes become afraid of germs. There are times when this might also lead to having obsessive compulsive disorder.


If you do have one of these Winter Phobias during the winter talk with your doctor and see how your doctor can help you.