While losing body weight is an issue to many races all over the globe, it cannot be denied that it is one of the hardest activities to ever do because of the insatiable love for eating and enjoying food. Many people had plans of taking diets, going for walks, doing exercise, and even going to the gym for absolute weight loss. However, many efforts went in vain as they succumbed to the temptation of eating too much. The good thing about it is that there is still hope for those who thought that they can no longer get back the life that they used to have, when they were thinner and fitter. Take it to the top 10 most weight loss in history and you’ll know that nothing is impossible.


10. Lisa McKay

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If there is one addictive substance that most Americans just cannot live without, it’s got to be fizzy, sweet, cold, and bubbly soda drinks, particularly Coca Cola. This is what made Lisa McKay lose weight, as she was actually consuming over 12 cans a day, including 2 to 3 hamburgers every time she gulps her favorite drink. It was this very reason that at the age of 24, she already weighed over 127kg. Due to the health dilemmas she experienced, particularly difficulty in breathing, she became motivated in forsaking her old habits and leaving McDonalds for good. She lost more than half her weight while strictly adhering to a 1000-calorie diet per day.


9. Harriet Jenkins

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25-year old Harriet Jenkins had problems encountered by most girls her age: she’s fat and she wants to get fit, but she is experiencing the difficulty of losing weight on her own. The worst thing is, her dreams of being a teacher were never achieved because of judgments that were associated with her poor eating habits, large body stature, and massive weight. But thanks to a concerned friend, she was introduced at a health club that helped her lose down those excessive bulges and inches all over her body. In 18 months, she was able to shed down 100kg, which gave her the boost of confidence she always wanted to have.


8. Rob Cooper

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It took a life-changing event for Rob Cooper to wake up and start losing his excessive body weight. Although he recognized that he had to lose weight after graduating high school, consistency gave up on him as he finished college and went on working as a taxi cab driver. Without him noticing, his body ballooned to as much as 215kg, which contributed to the triggering of a minor heart attack. Ever since that day, he had kept his pace of being fit, which made him lose over 136kg using natural methods only.

7. Roberto Enrieu

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Roberto Enrieu’s s story is just like any other, where having a goal was his only motivation in order for him to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a slim body. His wish was to actually join the London Marathon and experience what it like is to compete with other people. So even though he weighed around 272kg and has a hard time moving about and going places, he jogged, swam, kayaked, biked, and more. At the end of the day, he was able to lose 159kg in the process.


6. David Smith

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David Smith became famous for being able to lose over 182kg without the aid of surgery, which can be considered an overwhelming task for anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. Though the reason for the diet and exercise were obvious, the weight gain of this man came from molestation when he was a child, which made his situation worse when his mother passed away while he was 17. Thanks to his girlfriend, who was a great support system for him to get motivated, he was able to get his weight down big time.


5. Michael Hebranko

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Another person that was blessed by fitness expert Richard Simmons, Michael Hebranko was helped to lose such a great amount of weight from 411kg down to 90kg left in his system. It took over 19 months for him to shake off 320kg from his body, which was one of the best records ever kept by Guinness. However, unlike others who are included in this list, Hebranko resorted to some surgery in order to lose the rest of his fat away.


4. Manuel Uribe

Photo Source: http://www.zhiyin.cn/qinggan/lengnuanrenjian/20120504/273113_2.html

Before Manuel Uribe of Monterrey, Mexico got the support of Dr. Barry Sears, the creator of the Zone Diet program, Manuel weighed to as much as 560kg and was known to have the worst case of obesity ever recorded in history. He now holds two Guinness World Records: the world’s heaviest man and the most weight lost, titles of great irony. Everything began with a simple love for pizza  and burgers back in 1990, which got worse with junk food, and even tacos when he was already back in Mexico. Since March 2006, he has already lost over 235kg and increased to 360kg in 2008, as he is on the effort of being able to stand again for the sake of his love, Claudia Solis.


3. Patrick Deuel

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Patrick Deuel of Nebraska was so heavy that he was named as the “Half a Ton Man” due to his weight. Some say that it was because of his profession, being a restaurant manager that contributed to his extreme obesity. In order to have his situation taken care of, he had to be rushed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to have medical procedures done for his weight reduction plan. It was in two phases. The first phase involved gastric bypass surgery to make sure that the loss is permanent. Phase two was the removal of body fat and excessive skin. With both efforts combined, plus additional weight loss activities after leaving the hospital, Patrick lost over 410kg.


2. Rosalie Bradford

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The case of Rosalie Bradford may be found with most people who are suffering from social stress and loss of loved ones. Her mother died, she was taken to foster care, and death even took away her foster mother from her. Due to her sorrow and depression, she used food as a way to escape, which eventually led her to expand to as much as 140kg being only 15 years of age. She got married in her twenties and found herself staying at home, which also contributed to her excessive weight gain to over 544kg in eight years. However, thanks to Richard Simmons who showed concern to her, she was able to lose over 416kg from mimicking exercise videos and altering diet patterns.


1. Jon Brower Minnoch

Photo Source: http://www.fandrop.com/collection/FeRios/heaviest_people_in_the_world?type=pictures

No one knew for sure how Jon Brower Minnoch’s health issues started, but even when he was younger at age 12, he already weighed to over 132kg, which got worse 10 years later, expanding to 178kg. Due to his uncontrollable weight increase, he was sent to the hospital due to heart and lung failures. His case was considered uncommon as he was diagnosed of massive generalized edema, where 408kg of his total body weight of 636kg are of retained body liquids. Upon his discharge in the hospital, he was put on a 1200-calorie daily diet program, which helped him lose 419kg.