Have you thought of how life would be like if you would have a happy family you could always go home to? Could you ever imagine a place where you could be true self where you could rest all your cares away? This is what real families should be like; something that you would look forward to, every single day. But let’s face it, not everyone in the world lives in a home where family feels like family. So what can you do to make yourself and your family happy?

10. Spouses Are to Be the Best Examples

Husbands and wives need to realize that what they do, say, and think are always being looked and watched by children who are within, and even outside home. This is the reason why many people say that the behavior of children perfectly reflects what life is like in the home. Spouses are to serve as the best examples of love, compromise, forgiveness, charity, humility, decency, bravery, honesty, godliness, thankfulness, and selflessness. Yes, children pick up everything they see and hear. Therefore, the kids grow depending on how the parents do well within the walls of the home.


9. Keep Your Voice Down

You do not have to shout, scream, and or even yell to make your point in things. Ironically, although your loud voices seem to attract attention, it does not demand or command respect in any way. In fact, the people you shout at, even if they are kids, would feel that you are not in control of the situation and that your bickering displays your incapability to control a situation. Therefore, if you are a parent or an older sibling and you want to command respect, just using the right words, touching their hearts, and explaining directly would make conversations more sincere and fruitful.


8. Be a Friend to One Another

Have you ever asked why kids and teens these days are closer to friends than most family members? Is it just because they are in the same age group? You have to understand that people create friends due to similarities to interest, likes, and hobbies, which also create channels for communication and even intimacy. Therefore, if there should be anyone that should be the best friend of a young boy or girl, it should be mom and dad. Parents and older siblings should become a friend by taking interest in what kids want, in what they think, and even in what they feel. You will be surprised that being a friend, they will no longer feel ill or uncomfortable sharing their secrets, knowing that you will not judge them.


7. Learn to Be Thankful and Appreciative

Being thankful and appreciative in all things does its wonders to people; not only to the ones who receive deeds of kindness, but also to the individual who does such acts. This can be seen in homes that have hardworking dads, industrious moms, and even studious children. When we are thankful and appreciative, dads would have more reasons to work hard and strive for more, moms would be more motivated in cooking food or cleaning the house, and kids will have more drive to be the best in school and in any other place.


6. Take Time to Talk

Computer games, mobile phones, and social networking sites are some of the most famous distractions that destroy family communication. In fact, you will be surprised that most individuals who have been through vices, drugs, and premarital relationships did not have connections established within their family circle. When a parent, a brother, or a sister takes some time talking to each other, sharing stories, or just knowing how life has been so far, you would realize that everyone are more comfortable with one another where it would be easier to voice out what’s happening with their lives. So set aside some time with everyone and put down that iPad, laptop, or turn off the TV to show how much you care.


5. Build and Foster Family Traditions

Family traditions are things that separate one family to another, making it special from the rest. These traditions of course, should be in line with values and qualities that a family is best known at. Such customs can include eating on one place during someone’s birthday, an activity that can be done every week, or a way of making the most of an event. These rituals are not only valuable in a sense that it brings families closer, but it also helps kids to look back to something when they get older.


4. Explore New Things

It has always been a nice adventure when families venture together into something new. It could be new sports, unfamiliar food, uncharted family destinations, and other activities that you have never done before. It will not only be able to open new grounds for bonding, but it would also increase your love to one another. This can also be used as an avenue for kids to engage in extracurricular activities without the need of staying beyond school hours just to be exposed for something not so familiar. If a son would like to know about home improvement or a daughter likes to learn some ballet steps or two, why not learn it together?


3. Take More Time to Listen

If you think that talking alone is essential to making a happy family, please consider that communication is actually established on a two-way process. It is also vital to listen to what everyone has to say, even if it involves your 3-year old child or sibling. They also have a word to the family, being an important member of it. Children who could voice out their feelings with parents listening would feel more important and valuable, knowing that such gestures show interest of what they think and what they feel. Parents should also practice this as this is one of the simplest ways to command for respect without actually demanding for it.


2. Spend Time with Each Other

It is important that families should spend most of the time being together, sharing many things in common. Some of the best settings would be a family dinner at home, watching movies together, or going to church side by side with each other. Being close to family is what makes a person happier in life, since it gives a feeling that you would like to be with mom and dad, or with the siblings, and even the pet dog at the end of a grueling, stressful day. Spending more time with each other just establishes the bond and strengthens the ties that you have with one another.


1. Provide Importance to Deity

Whether you are Catholics, Muslims, Shintoists, or you belong to other denominations, a loving home should never forget the presence of a Supreme Being in all things. It keeps the spirituality of everyone intact and it also affects their relationship with everyone around them. Praying together day and night, celebrating religious holidays together, and understanding the foundation of your faith would help everyone become unified. Even those who do not believe in the existence of God would benefit in this regard as they come to appreciate the peace found in everything.