Though experts tell us that the statistics on the crime rate has decreased over the past decade, some American cities are still experiencing high rates of various types of crime.  These incidents occur primarily in cities with high rates of poverty and unemployment. Here are the Top Ten American Cities With the Highest Crime Rates:

Flint, Michigan

As the auto industry in nearby Detroit suffered losses to foreign automakers, Flint, Michigan went into financial free fall. Budget cuts and attrition from retirements has cut the police force considerably, adding to the crime problem.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has fallen from its position as the “Motor City” to a place of falling real estate values, rampant crime and gang violence. The city’s decrease in population and industrial base has caused severe cuts to the police force, adding to the city’s problems.

St. Louis, Missouri

The Great Recession of 2004 hit the city of St. Louis hard and the resulting unemployment and poverty caused a significant uptick in crime. The unemployment rate of 11.7 percent, much higher than the national average of 7.9, has put strains on the city budget and resulted in cuts in the police force.

Oakland, California

Another city with severe budget problems that has affected its ability to deter crime is Oakland, California. With an unemployment rate of 15 6 percent, twice the national average, the city struggles under budgetary pressures and a violent crime rate of 16.8 crimes per 1,000 people.

Memphis, Tennessee

In 2011, the rising unemployment rate in Memphis was 11.1 percent, well above the national average. Though other cities around the country have seen gradual decreases in crime, crime in Memphis has continued to increase.

Stockton, California

Stockton made the news in 2012 when it filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. While budget forced cuts in the police force and other departments, the city also suffers from high unemployment and was hard-hit in the mortgage crisis.

Baltimore, Maryland

For decades, Baltimore has a reputation as city where crime has gotten out of hand. While still in the top ten most dangerous cities in 2012, current efforts have allowed the city to drop out of the top five, and the crime rate is the lowest since the 1980s.

Atlanta, Georgia

The violent crime statistics in the city of Atlanta saw an uptick last year, after dropping significantly since the 1990s. Current figures still place Atlanta in the top ten in the United States.

Birmingham, Alabama

Though trending downward compared to previous years, Birmingham’s crime rate of 14.8 per 1,000 people still keeps in the top ten of dangerous cities in America.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas has suffered from a variety of financial setbacks that has created a climate of disruption and increased poverty. Property crime has grown steadily in recent years.


Be Responsible

If you do live in one of these areas or are visiting please be responsible and try to stay out of some trouble. Stay in safe areas and don’t go wandering around at night by yourself and always use the buddy system. If you do get in trouble with the law or others and you need help you can visit sites like to help you out.