Music is a big part of our lives and everyone probably has a list of favorite songs. People have different reasons for loving songs. It may be because of the beat, the tune, the lyrics or it may be because the song has a sentimental value for them. Some people just like songs because they are popular – they hear many people sing them, they see them in a list of top songs, they see music videos of the songs, or they often hear them played over the radio. However, these are also the reasons some people hate some songs. Some people may even have their own list of songs they hate the most. Some people may love a particular song which some people hate. Take hip-hop and rock songs for example. Often, people who love either one of the genre would hate songs from the other genre. It’s all about preference but there are songs that are just so bad that almost everyone hates them. Here is a list of the 10 most hated songs because they are either poorly written, poorly composed, overplayed, or just simply annoying.


10. It’s a Small World After All

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This song, written by The Sherman Brothers, isn’t really a bad song. It’s actually a song that was intended to influence peace and brotherhood during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The song’s simple lyrics make it easy to be translated to many languages. Actually, some people say that it is the most performed and most translated song in the world. The song is featured in a musical boat ride in the Fantasyland part of all Walt Disney Parks. What made many people dislike this song is the fact that listening to it a few times will cause a bad case of earworms. It’s a children’s song and children’s songs are often played repeatedly when you hear it, it’s likely to be played again. Imagine a group of high-pitched kindergarten-age singers singing the chorus over and over again. It is very annoying.


9. Hot in Herre

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Hot in Herre is a song performed by Nelly. It is a single that was released in 2002 as part of his album Nellyville. The song topped the charts in Canada, United Kingdom and on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2002. It, however, eventually lost its popularity. It’s a song that has repetitive choruses and verses that made little or no sense at all. Today, you’d rarely find anyone play this song. It may still be popular to Nelly’s fans but the general public does not listen to it anymore.

8. The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)

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Written by The Cheeky Girls, The Cheeky song became popular in the United Kingdom during its release in 2002. However, it was voted as the worst pop record by viewers of a British television channel called Channel 4 in January 2004. In Australia, it only reached a peak rank of 59 in the charts and it never even got in Canada’s and the United State’s charts. The song also failed to gain popularity in the Netherlands. This song also contained repetitive lyrics and probably is also the reason why many people did not like this song. The beat is good but the message is senseless. The song has many versions. The shortest one is the radio edit which lasts for 3 minutes and 21 seconds. The longest is the Clubstar Remix which has a duration of 6 minutes and 9 seconds. Imagine a song that long revolving around the words “Ooh boys cheeky girls, Ooh girls cheeky boys” and “Cheeky cheeky.” The song is probably good for discos and clubs where people don’t really bother about the lyrics of the song that is played but for most people, it may be not be a good song to include in a playlist.


7. Like a G6

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Like a G6 is a song written by Far East Movement in their album Free Wired. The song got in the top ten in many countries’ charts. It peaked at number two in Australia, number one in the United Kingdom and South Korea, and it held the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks in November 2010 and another week in the same month. It also has a lot of remixes and covers by other famous artists like 50 Cent. But like most songs with repetitive and pointless lyrics, Like a G6 lost its popularity. People probably disliked the song once they realized that it has excessive reference to the use of alcohol. Who would want to listen to a song revolving around the use of alcohol? Also, some people say that it is impossible to dance to the beat of the song making it useless in clubs and discos. The song also features one of the most broken English ever used in a song.


6. Baby

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Baby is a song performed by Justin Beiber featuring Ludacris and was the lead single of his album My World 2.0. It was released in January 18, 2010. The song quickly became popular as it came to the Billboard Hot 100’s 5th place during its debut. The song is also one of Ludacris’ biggest songs. It received positive feedback from critics and also got into the charts of many countries. The music video of the song was claimed to be the most viewed in YouTube’s history and was the most viewed until it was surpassed by Gangnam Style of PSY. Despite all that, a lot of people hate the song. People have different reasons for hating the song. Some say it’s too high pitched while some say it’s girly since it was sung by a guy. Some also say that the song is repetitive and that both the song and the lyrics are very irritating. Another reason is because many people do not like Justin Bieber.

5. Stairway to Heaven

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Stairway to heaven is one of the most controversial songs in the music industry. It was said that the song contains Satanic messages hidden using backward masking. Backward masking is a way of hiding messages in tracks such that when the track was played backwards, you can hear the hidden message. The song was written by Robert Plant of the group called Led Zeppelin. It was released in November 1971. It was voted to the third place in VH1’s list of 100 Greatest Rock Songs. However, Robert Plant did not like the song. He stated in 1988 to the Los Angeles Times that the song is not for him anymore. Other than the alleged hidden Satanic messages in the song, people hate the song because it was uninteresting, overrated, and overplayed.


4. Poker Face

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Poker face is one of Lady Gaga’s most famous songs, but many people hate it. It was released in September 23, 2008 in her album The Fame. The song debuted in the Billboard Hot 100 at the 92nd place and reached the peak at 6th place in March 2009. The song received much criticism from religious groups because it was about bisexuality. Lady Gaga admits this in a party at Palm Springs California. Other reason for the dislike this song gets from people is because these people simply hate Lady Gaga and there are a lot of them. Many people don’t like her style and the fact that she’s promoting gay rights through her songs also gathers some dislike.


3. Pretty Boy Swag

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Pretty Boy Swag is a song written and performed by Soulja Boy – an American rapper. The song is part of his third album called The DeAndre Way which was released in November 2010. It also features the G5 Kids who also helped write the song. The song reached a peak at United States’ Billboard Hot 100 at the 34th position. This song is very centered on Soulja Boy and his sex appeal. The song, like other hip-hop songs in this article, makes no sense. It is only good for bragging and there’s no deep meaning in the song. Because of this, many people hate the song. People say that it has a very basic beat and a very simple chord structure that it looks like no effort was placed in writing the song. They also say that it is very annoying and very boring.


2. Moves Like Jagger

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Written by an American band called Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger is one of the songs that are most annoying and most hated by people. The song also features American songwriter and singer Christina Aguilerra. The song was released in June 21, 2011 as part of the album Hands Over. It received positive reviews from music critics and it is one of the best selling singles. However, a lot of people are annoyed by this song because it is “commercialized.” This type of music is boring and uninteresting for many people. It is not really enticing to listen to music that you hear everywhere. It’s irritating and annoying to listen to songs that are overplayed. People also say that the song is high pitched and that it is hard to listen to this type of song when not in the mood. In addition, some people do not like Maroon 5 and their music.


1. What Makes You Beautiful

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What Makes You Beautiful is one of One Direction’s most popular songs but many people hate it. Actually, many people hate all the songs of One Direction. The song was released in September 11, 2011 and became the debut single of this English-Irish Boy Band. It quickly became popular as it entered the UK Single Charts at the number one spot. It reached a peak position of fourth in United States’ Billboard Hot 100. Despite its sales performance and popularity, a great number of music-lovers hate this song and the rest of the songs of One Direction. Again, repetitive playing of the song is one reason for the dislike. Some say that guys are just jealous because of their looks and success with girls and just generalize the hate to all their songs. Other people say that the song has meaningless lyrics, that it is too “cheesy,” and very annoying. That also goes for all their songs.