Normally, what happens in Vegas might just stay inside Vegas. However, when it comes to the ever-increasing popularity of its casino industry, Vegas has done a lot to inspire the other casino gaming industries of the world. The supreme success of the modern Vegas Model, the one that united gambling, entertainment, the finest dining experience and several other world-class amenities, did play a crucial role in motivating many other countries to invest and develop their cities around the same model. With each passing day, a new city, in a distant part of the world, rolls the dice with its Vegas-inspired casino hotels and resorts.


For those who have been too engrossed in their work-life and haven’t yet tried out their luck at casino games, the world provides just too many options. Regardless of the presence of a number of new websites like Bodog Malaysia and the popularity of online casino gaming at online gambling sites, or the number of gamblers that the online casino table games promotions attract, a trip to the actual bustling casinos of the world is still an attractive proposition.


1. Vegas baby, Vegas!


The original gambling destination of the world oozes with the most perfect casinos and gambling resorts. No matter whether it is the restaurant or a local hotspot, or an intersection down the street, one could easily spot a slot machine installed just around the corner. With some of the most popular casinos like the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, the Rio and the Sands, Vegas is just the perfect destination for casino buffs.


2. It’s Monte Carlo


Monte Carlo manages to supersede every other casino destination because of its own spectacular universe. The rich and the famous are dime and dozen in this part of the world. The weather is magnificent, the views are awe-inspiring, and the casinos are all wonderful.


3. Atlantic ‘The Donald’ City


Yes, the city built by Donald Trump has far more to offer than just swamps. Known as the new casino paradise, the boardwalks and beaches of this city boast some of the major casino brands of the world that provide great casino promotions, making it one of the famous casino destinations of the world.


4. Macau – The Chinese Vegas


China is known to be the fastest catcher of the Vegas style, with Macau being popularly called the Vegas of the South. The opening of the Venetian Macau, one of the grandest casinos of the world, and several other high-end casino resorts in the city, gives enough reason to make it a go-to casino destination.


5. The Big Easy New Orleans


The city that accepts the sinners and exalts the saints is known for its distinctive gambling boats. There are just countless opportunities to cruise down the Mississippi and celebrate amidst the Southern charm especially if you are done playing online gambling games at the best online gambling websites at home.


6. The Crazy Caribbean


The Caribbean Cruises are perfect spots for the average casino-craving tourists, as they can indulge in numerous other activities and easily avoid an overkill. Apart from this, Barbados, Aruba and Bahamas are also perfect spots for enjoying mild gambling sessions and diverting the mind towards some other activities, as well.


7. The Sun City


One of the richest parts of South Africa, the Sun City offers a lot more than just gold and diamond. The exquisite beaches, the sky-kissing mountains, and the most beautiful casinos in the world, all come together to make Sun City one of the best casino destinations in Africa.


8. The Refreshing Singapore


Despite the popularity of Bodog Casino betting, Singapore is a relatively fresh player in the casino game, with Resorts World and Marina Bay Sands being the major contributors for its success. Offering a lot more than just casino gambling, these resorts make Singapore all the more perfect for spending fun-filled vacations.


9. Morocco All the Way


Casablanca, Tangiers and Rabat do not just make a good spectacle for television. Flying to Morocco can be one of the best and the most memorable trips of your life. Just dress yourself according to the weather and get ready to hit some happening gambling spots around the corners.


10. The South American Dance


For those looking for an off-land experience, a South American cruise would be the best option to explore some amazing gambling opportunities, along with the other less casino-inclined cruise activities. Not to mention, hitting the casinos in Buenos Aires, Chile or Rio would be an unimaginable experience.


So, just pick up a spot, make the reservations, and get your dice rolling. Vacations to any of the above casino destinations could be the most memorable moments of your lifetime.