Turning dogs into pets is pretty common among humans, both for the elites and the commoners. Following the Second World War, the population of dogs around the world significantly grew in number due to suburbanization, and many families and individuals began to keep dogs outside their homes. Today, dogs are not just seen as home guards but as children’s playmates and walking companions. Since the 1980’s, there have been quite huge changes in the roles of dogs in every household—from guards to friends that provide emotional support to their guardians. Dogs are considered man’s best friends because they have been so integrated and implicated in the lives of each other. Dogs are so functional that the kind of bonding that occurs between them and humans is considered among the most special in the world. Majority of households that have dogs as pets consider dogs as part of their families, setting tasks or routines undertaken by the rest of the family members and providing emotional relief to them when they need it. When it comes to dog breeds, most people find the small ones the best choice. Here is a list of the 10 smallest species of dogs in the world that families cannot help but fall for:

10. Yorkshire Terrier

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The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed started to become popular during the 19th century, when it was developed to catch rats in clothing mills as well as for baiting rats. These dogs grow at a maximum size of seven (7) pounds or 3.2 kilograms, and normally come in gray, tan or black colors. This breed is also more commonly known as “Yorkie.”  As pets, they are overprotective and love getting attention from their guardians so they are very ideal for households without young children.

9. Toy Poodle

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Toy poodles are just among the group of poodles composed of standard, miniature and toy poodles. These dogs were originally bred as a type of water dog in Germany and are known for their skills in several dog sports. In 1966 and 1982, toy poodles were recognized as the “Best in Show” dogs because of their agility and excellence in tracking, herding and following commands. They are generally very active and intelligent, squarely built, and have ears that fold over close to their heads.

8. Shih Tzu

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A dog toy that weighs between 5 to 7.25 kilograms, a shih tzu is a small dog characterized by its short muzzle and large dark eyes. These dogs typically have drop ears and tails that are covered with long fur as well as long silky coats. One of their most noticeable features is the under-bite. The coat of these dogs comes in many colors, though the most common is a blaze of white on the forehead and at the tail’s tip. They are generally loyal, alert and very affectionate when it comes to their guardians.

7. Pug

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Pugs are toy dogs known for their short-muzzled and wrinkly faces as well as for their square bodies and brawny muscles. They generally have fine, glossy coats that come in various colors, though the most common are black or fawn. During the 18th century, these dogs were depicted as long and lean, but contemporary breeds seem somewhat different. They have deep chest and their bodies are in compact form, and there is a trace of black line from their occiputs up to their tails. They are typically strong but not aggressive.

6. Pomeranian

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Often known as a Pom or Pom Pom, the Pomeranian dog breed was named after the Pomerania region of Central Europe. This toy dog is known for its small size, with weight ranging from 1.9 to 3.5 kilograms. These dogs are generally compact yet sturdy and have an abundance of textured coats and highly plumed tails. They come in the widest range of colors, including white, red, cream, blue, orange, black, brown, tan, sable, spotted and a lot more. They are characteristically playful and friendly and love to be around the company of their owners all the time.

5. Papillon

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More commonly known as the Continental Toy Spaniel, the Papillon is a dog breed that is considered one of the oldest of all toy spaniels. It got its name from a French word that means butterfly, primarily because of the long and fringed hair on its ears that looks much like a butterfly. These dogs have small heads and short muzzles that taper to the nose. Their eyes are round and have think black rims and their ears are large and can either be erect or dropped. They are among the most dangerous.

4. French Bulldog

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A small breed of domestic dog, the French Bulldog was first bred during the early 18th century. They are typically very affectionate and playful, and their loving and loyal nature makes them very ideal companion dogs. These dogs are muscular and active and have heavy bones, but they are willful and stubborn in nature so training them requires lots of patience and repetition. Unlike the other dogs on this list, French bulldogs appear disproportioned.

3. Boston Terrier

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This breed of dog originated in the United States of America and has been widely dubbed as the “American Gentleman.” These dogs come in black, brindle or seal colors with white markings and have very small and compact bodies. Among their other distinguishing characteristics are their short tails and erect ears. Temperament-wise, their moods range from being stubborn to friendly. Known for their intelligence, these dogs are one of the easiest to train.

2. Bichon Frise

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The Bichon Frise is a dog breed that resembles the Maltese. It weighs around 5 to 10 kilograms and has less pointy muzzle and rounded skull. Its tail is also groomed to be curly and long and its white hair features curly and dense coat with slight shedding. These dogs have medium to high intelligence, are gentle-mannered, affectionate and cheerful. They are ideal for children because they have lots of reserved energy compared with other toy dogs.

1. Chihuahua

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Known as the smallest breed of dog, Chihuahuas can either be apple-headed or deer-headed. They come in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, and coat lengths and are known for being fiercely loyal to their guardians. These dogs, however, do not get along well with other dog breeds because of their clannish nature. Because of this trait, Chihuahuas are said to be not suitable for household with children who are impatient and calm.