Most of these Halloween decorations you can make yourself or buy at a store or online. A lot of these popular Halloween decorations you can put outside of your home or you can decorate the inside of your home with them. Some of these decorations for Halloween might even give you ideas as to a good Halloween theme for your home.

Check out these top 10 popular Halloween decorations:

10. Pumpkins

I can almost see that shocked face now that a pumpkin is one of the most popular Halloween decorations ever. Pumpkins are even famous throughout the world on Halloween night. You can find some cute do it yourself pumpkins or you can a nice one at the store and carve it for Halloween. You can decorate them and make them look very scary or extremely cute. Pumpkins happen to not only be great for Halloween but also for fall. You can make a scary pumpkin wreath, pumpkin edible mummies and to top it off, a scary pumpkin spice drink to offer the guests that might be brave enough to enter your home. You can also buy either orange or black pumpkins.


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9. Scary Halloween Wreath

A lot of people put up a scary wreath this time of year. The wreath decoration really depends on what theme you have going on for Halloween. Some might do ghost wreaths; others could do vampire and zombie wreaths and then splatter fake blood on the wreath. One of the most popular Halloween wreaths happens to be a black spider web wreath with webs draping around the wreath and spiders hanging down on it.


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8. Clowns

Clowns are just scary. I have never really liked them myself but at Halloween time they are even scarier. You can find all sorts of Halloween clown sizes to hang up. Some of the biggest ones are around 52 in. tall. There are some clowns that have light up eyes and chains around them. Other clowns just look scary with a lot of makeup on them.



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7. Tombstones

You can create a very scary atmosphere by adding tombstones around your house on the outside but you can even put some tombstones on the inside. There are some tombstones available that look very realistic and even have RIP on them. If you want to make them look even more realistic you can come up with a person’s name and put a fake date of their death on it.


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6. Skulls and Skeletons

There are so many types of skull decorations available for Halloween. You can put skulls in jars and put spiders around them. Don’t forget you can also do Halloween alters and put skulls on them. You can also put skulls on the outside of your home and greet the guests with them and really scare all of your visitors. You can even put glitter and decorate them to make them look cute or extremely scary. Again, it really depends on what type of Halloween theme you have as to how you want your skulls to look. You can put the skeletons next to the skulls or have skeletons hanging on the outside of your home.


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5. Ghosts

Need I say more?! You can have ghosts flying around the home. You can also have ghosts inside the closet and just throughout the house and scare people with them when you least expect it. You can easily make homemade Halloween ghosts by just using sheets and putting holes in them or you can buy some very scary ones.


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4. Cauldrons

If you are having a haunted or witchy party then don’t forget the cauldrons. You can put things in the cauldrons to make the inside look very scary. A special witch’s brew can be served out of the cauldron. There are many ways to make the cauldron scary. You can also decorate the cauldron and put spiders around it.


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3. Do Not Enter Caution Tape

This might not have been a decoration you excepted to see but putting up yellow do not enter caution tape is a very popular thing to do. People generally put up the do not enter caution tape on their door but it can be put on the outside of bedroom doors inside the home or wherever there might be a scary crime scene. People start getting spooked just before they enter the room because of the tape; at least I know I do whenever I see it before going into a room! You never know what’s on the other side of the door! Dare ye enter?


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2. Black or Dark Candles

You will find many kinds of candles available this time of year. There are skull candles, spider candles and so many other different types of Halloween candles. You can put candles on your porch and make them look spooky. You can get red or dark candles or even glow in the dark spooky candles. Some candles might even play creepy music. It’s a good idea to shop around for spooky candles at Halloween time because you don’t ever know what you might actually find.


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1. A bloody realistic hand

Yes, you read that right. A bloody realistic hand is another popular Halloween decoration. Hands are used a lot in the candy bowls and as decorations on the table. There are also glow in the dark hands that you can find this time of year.


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All it takes is just some imagination, a few of these popular Halloween decorations and some candy and you will be amazed at what a great time everyone has at your home! You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to make your Halloween party or decorated Halloween home a success.