There are days when you wake up and you feel down. You don’t know why. You might find yourself struggling to complete the things that you need to have done for the day. When you’re in this type of mood wouldn’t it be awesome if someone told you some words to help motivate you? Instead of waiting for someone to say those words, you can now say these words out loud to yourself. You’ll be amazed as to how much better they will make you feel.

Check out these 10 Words of Motivation

10. You are blessed – Yes YOU!
I know when things go wrong that it might seem hard to believe but you are blessed. Being blessed might mean to be “blissfully happy” but at the same time it also means that you are blessed with a body that’s strong and healthy, blessed with a roof over your head, blessed with food to eat, blessed with a place to sleep and blessed that you can even read this right now. If you don’t believe me then say it over and over, until you believe it.

9. Dedicated and determined – A bonus word!
You are dedicated to what you are doing and determined that eventually everything will work out accordingly. If you don’t feel like you are dedicated or determined enough start seeing everything happen in your mind. Become determined that through your dedication things will work out and just have a peace and know that everything will be fine. When you start to stress or worry know that you are dedicated and determined.


8. You are brilliant – Don’t look so shocked!
Sadly, a lot of people do not feel as if they are brilliant or smart. This can interfere with you getting anything done for the day. You are brilliant. The answer is deep down inside of you. If you don’t know what the answer is then take some time out and mediate until you figure it out. Again, you are brilliant and things will work out.


7. Delightful so smile!
I know that being delightful can be hard at times and especially when you’re not feeling good. However, you might be surprised as to how many people might think that you are a delightful person to be around. If you would like to become even more delightful then smile more often. Go out of your way to help people. When you are delightful, it really makes whatever you’re working on much easier.


6. Gifted – Yes YOU!
Personally, I believe that everyone has special gifts. It is not about how many gifts that you have, it’s how you use your gifts that happens to be important. If you are unsure about your gifts then meditate some and see if you can figure out what kind of gifts you have but even if you still can’t figure it out know that you are gifted no matter what and that you can get the job done because your gifts will help you when you least except them. Think of it this way- You are a shooting star because of your gifts!


5. Caring because you’ve been there and done that
There are times when being caring is the only thing that you need to help get you through the day. Caring for others often times comes out of the experiences that we’ve had in life. We find ourselves able to relate to what other people might be experiencing. Being caring can help during whatever you’re doing because just when you need it or might not expect it to happen, someone will be caring back towards you.


4. Deserving – You have worked hard and deserve it!
You have worked hard and you deserve whatever awards might come your way. Just because you don’t get your award instantly doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve it. Just because you might take longer to finish something or have a hard time with finishing it, also means that you don’t deserve your award because you do deserve it! If you have not given yourself a personal treat in awhile then go out there and give yourself one. Maybe watch a movie, have some popcorn or just spend a night with some friends and relax. You deserve it!


3. Creative – You think outside of the box
Being creating can get you a long way in life. Imagine looking inside of a box of crayons. To your disappointment you discover that all of the crayons are black. However, they made one mistake and put a purple in with the box of crayons. You ignore all of the black crayons and go towards the purple crayon. When you’re not creative then life can get boring. You are creative and you think outside of the box. If we all thought the same in life, then everything would become extremely dull.


2. Fearless – No one can stop you!
You’re fearless! No one can stop you! When you start becoming discouraged about everything just know that you are fearless. Don’t let anyone stop your plans or let them put you down. If you have a goal in life or want to do something, then go after it without letting negative words or doubt stand in your way. You can do it and more so, if you’re determined and have made up your mind to do it. When you are fearless then you can accomplish anything.

Arlen- Words of Motivation

1. Amazing because you did it or know you will do it!
You are simply amazing. Maybe you haven’t completed what needs to be done yet but the fact that you are determined, fearless and know that you will do it means that you are amazing. You might not feel like it right now but know that once everything is done, you will feel like it so you should start feeling like you’re amazing right now! Not just anyone can do what all you must do. Have a drink and relax because you’re amazing and deserve it.




Never give up. When you’re tired or feel overwhelmed with a task that you’re doing take a break. Step away from it. Try to do some meditation and just simply breathe in, breath out and relax. You can get the job done because after all you are blessed, dedicated, determined, brilliant, delightful, gifted, caring, deserving, creative, fearless and amazing!