Eureka Springs is a quirky little town in the Arkansas Ozarks. The steep roads and houses built on mountainsides make for quaint sightseeing.

10. Enjoy creative Artwork.

Artwork is everywhere – inside and outside. This community of clever citizens design unique objects that will cause you to stop and look. This fanciful topiary was made with simple elements.

Fanciful Topiary
Photo by Beth Petz

9.  Share a piece of history from a foreign country.

An East Berlin citizen expressed faith during a tyrannical reign of the country by
in-scripting a portion of Psalm 23 into the Berlin wall.

Photo by Beth Petz

 8. Take in the colorful gardens at residences around town.

Individualism and making a statement are one of the hallmarks in this non-cookie cutter township.
Photo by Beth Petz

 7.   Go inside the Sacred Arts Museum.

The Sacred Art Museum is on the grounds of the Great Passion Play where one of the slogans is “Living Art and Fine Art”. Inside, children and adults will be intrigued by the art of Jack Dawson, whose “seek and find” style incorporates small relevant objects into a large picture.
Check out this link for a description of some of the things that can be found in Jack Dawson’s pictures:


Photo by Beth Petz

6.  Eat a picnic lunch.

Picnic tables are plentiful at multiple locations around town. Prepare your favorite foods and linger over an outdoor meal in this gorgeous piece of paradise.


Photo by Beth Petz

5.   Window shop at one of the many gift shops.

Whether you admire hand crafted dishes, holiday themed items, kitchen goodies, folksy cabin decorations, gourmet food, or lingerie, you will find boutiques stuffed with goods that you can place on your “what I want for Christmas or my birthday” list.


Photo by Beth Peth

 4.   Watch for Water Features.

Regardless of whether the water feature is elaborate or simple, there is a tranquility that accompanies taking time to capture the sights and sounds that embody these masterful shapes spread throughout the city.


Photo by Beth Petz

3.  Hunt for Unusual Gates.

I have already noted the flair for unregimented originality that is promoted within this community. Enjoy architectural ingenuity that you will find at people’s homes scattered throughout the community.


Photo by Beth Petz

 2. Take a stairway.

Eureka Springs has many stairways to help facilitate movement through this compact town. It is as though the stairways take you to nooks and crannies that would otherwise be unseen. Despite several visits to this city, I was unaware of the multiple staircases until recently.


Photo by Beth Petz

1. Visit Christ of the Ozarks.

Although Jesus Christ is omniscient, Christ of the Ozarks is not…….so, you can sneak up behind the statue of Christ and then walk around to view his face.

Photo by Beth Petz