There are a large number of people who spend their lives running from one place to another and spending a lot in eating outside at fast food places. The problem is really severe for those who spend most of their lives sitting in front of a computer. It is for sure that the fitness goals of most people in the world have been derailed. Giving no time to exercising is something that is damaging to your health and fitness. It is for sure that once you get into the habit of eating a lot and not exercising, it becomes almost impossible to return in shape. With this said, here are the 10 habits that make you fat.

                     10. Low Fat Diet

It has been reported that foods that claim to be low in fat can be damaging to your health. Most of them are indeed free from fat but they are replaced with more harmful chemicals and components, most of which can be really damaging to your health. Most of these foods end up making you hungry much faster, thus increasing the need of consuming more food.

Low Fat Diet

  1. Skipping Meals

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that skipping meals is going to help them lose weight. Research suggests that skipping meals only results in a lower metabolism and loss of health. Individuals who skip meals also lag behind in their physical and psychological performance. For this reason, it is recommended that you should never skip meals. Try to consume at an optimal level and exercise on a daily basis.

Skipping Meals

  1. Eating Quick

Individuals who prefer to eat food quickly also end up becoming fat. They key to health and fitness as recommended by many health experts is consuming food slowly. It is recommended that you should always spend 20 minutes at least in terms of consuming foods. You should also develop the habit of chewing food at least 20 times before taking it inside.

eating quick

  1. TV Watching

There are a large number of people who prefer to eat while watching TV. This habit might be tempting but in the end, you might gain more weight. A number of studies conducted all over America found that eating while watching TV results in loss of concentration and ability to remember. It has also been reported that eating during this activity also results in an increase in weight because of the inability to remember the amount of food that has been consumed.

TV Watching

  1. Big Bites

Individuals who take big bites of food are often the ones who are fat. Try to use a small spoon or fork at the time of consuming different foods. It also means that these individuals consume 50 % more calories in comparison to those who take in small bites.

Big Bites

  1. Friends

Having friends who might also be overweight also results in the possibility of eating more. It is evident that peer influence is a big issue for many people around the world. It is by seeing them and being with them most of the times that we end up consuming a lot of food. Now here I do not mean that you end your ties with these people. The best thing you can do is channelize energies between the two of you in doing in a number of exercises. Try to also become a silent mentor to the other one with having healthy eating goals when you’re out.

fat friends

  1. The Scale

Most overweight people prefer to avoid the scale and make themselves believe that they are not fat. In other words, it means that they prefer to avoid any form of accountability for their actions. You should develop the habit of being on the scale a few times each month. You don’t have to go overboard with it but just weighing yourself some helps for you to keep up to date with how much you weigh. Trust me when I say that this new habit is going to be really helpful for you in terms of keeping track of your fitness.

weight scale

  1. Filler Items

Most of these items happen to be cheap but unhealthy as well. Restaurants prefer to generate some extra cash through the use of these items which are not at all beneficial for your health. It should also be noted that these items do nothing good than add a large number of calories to your diet.

filler items

  1. No Advice

Seeking advice will create an urge in you to lose weight and look younger, better and smarter. Trust me when I say that this advice is the best thing that is going to happen to you. Just imagine the amount of humiliation or loss of self-esteem you have experienced by being called a fatty. It is time for you take control of your health.

No Advice

  1. Be Brave

Making yourself committed to exercising on a daily basis is all about being brave. There will come a number of days when you will be driven by the need of skipping exercises. You should never allow yourself be let down by this and keep yourself going on and on. The main reason is that once you will lose the tempo, it is going to take a lot of time in regaining control.

be brave