A hybrid animal is something that does not occur often but when they do sometimes the results can be incredible. Some hybrid animals include grolar bears, tigons and ligers but there’s actually a lot more out there that you might not even know we existed. A hybrid animal is a mix of other animals that have to be related closely. The ideas are endless because there are so many animals that happen to be closely related. A brand new breed of animals could occur from this happening.

Check out these 10 Bizarre Hybrid Animals

10. Mule – Cross between a male donkey and the mare (female horse)
A mule is a cross between the male donkey and the female horse known as the mare. Donkeys and horses are both unique species and different. Studies show that mules can be very patient and even live longer than some horse breeds. They are also smarter than donkeys and faster than donkeys. They also can work harder than donkey’s and horses.



9. Dzo – Cross between a yak and domestic cattle
The dzo is a cross between the yak and the common domestic cattle. A Dzo can be stronger and larger than most of the yaks or cattle that’s in the region. They can also be more productive than both the yak and cattle with their meat production and milk. What’s interesting is that a dzo can even become back crossed and as a result, a pure cattle or pure yak might happen.



8. A Savannah Cat – Cross between several cats and the domestic cat
I think that the Savannah cat is rather a bizarre and cool looking hybrid cat breed. In the 1990’s the Savannah cat was very popular and they started to breed them more and in 2012 the TICA decided that it would accept the Savannah cat as a championship breed. A Savannah cat can be very loyal and often times compared to dogs with their loyalty. They can fetch and also be trained to walk on leashes. Some of them can be very friendly with people but others might hide. It all depends on how they were raised.



7. Liger – Cross between a male lion and the female tiger
A liger is a cross between the male lion and the female tiger. Ligers can be sociable just like a lion but they also enjoy going for a swim and have the characteristic traits of tigers. A liger dates all the way back to around 1798 in India. In 1837, two liger cubs were exhibited and presented to King William IV and Queen Victoria.



6. Saltwater Crocodile – Cross between the estuarine, saltie or the Indo Pacific crocodile
The saltwater crocodile is a cross between the estuarine, saltie and the indo pacific crocodile. It’s one of the largest and biggest reptiles that live today. It can go up to around 6.7. Their size makes them extremely dangerous to humans. They can even be found in Northern Australia. They tend to occupy any water that’s salty and that’s mainly how they got their name. Alligators on the other hand, cannot survive in water that’s salty.



5. Blood Parrot Cichlid – Cross between the bloody parrot and a parrot cichlid fish
In 1986 Taiwan named the blood parrot cichlid after they created the fish. The fish does have a few genetic defects such as a beak shaped mouth and that causes it not to close fully. They have developed a few food items specifically for the Blood parrot cichlid to help them with being able to eat easier. Their swim bladders are often times deformed and because of it, they can have a swimming pattern that’s awkward. Despite all of their genetic defects, the Blood parrot cichlid fish is very cool to look at and see in person.



4. The Coywolf – A cross between the coyote and the wolf
A coywolf is one of the hybrids that tends to occur naturally in nature. This occurrence happens so much that a lot of the red wolves now have some coyote genes in them. It’s unsure as to why this breeding takes place. One speculation is that it could be because of human developments putting a limit on their natural habitats but another thing is that it could just be something that has always happened.



3. The Grizzly Polar Bear – Cross between the polar and grizzly bear
The grizzly polar bear is a cross that happens between the polar and the grizzly bear. There were reports on the grizzly polar bear being spotted back in 1964. In Victoria Island there was also a grizzly polar bear spotted. What’s very interesting is that most grizzly and polar bears distant themselves so it’s only from a rare case that something like this happens.



2. A sheep goat – Cross between a goat and sheep
This is another cross that is extremely rare and does not happen often. Often times a sheep goat is called a geep. They are not goat sheep chimeras which happen to be created artificially. In 2011, a geep was born in California. The geep tried to birth a lot of babies for over a 3 year time period but it had a lot of miscarriages. However, in 2012 a Geep did mate with an ewe and because of it, two lambs were born healthy.



Are you ready to know what the most beautiful and amazing animal hybrid animal to me is?

1. A Wholphin – A cross between a false killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin
A wholphin is a bizarre cross between a false killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin. There are currently two wholphins being held in captivity in Hawaii at Sea Life Park. A wholphin generally has 66 teeth when a bottlenose has at least 88 teeth and a false killer whale has around 44 teeth. They are playful and can be trained like dolphins. The reason why this mix is so amazing is that they only come together out of pure love for each other.



Other hybrid animals include killer bees, barred owls, white and black rhinoceroses and don’t forget the Bengal cat is also a hybrid animal. You never know what might you might end up seeing when you go to visit the zoo.